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JennPGH 04-10-2002 02:21 PM

Not really new to the board, but have a new name!
i have been on these boards before, and i havbe been away for a while. I used the name "imbacknwant2lose" before, but I decided to change it to something a little more easier & something that tells something about me, like my name, Jenn(duh) & location (Pittsburgh-abbreviated PGH)
my weight loss journey began in 1999. i am 5'8 (probably more like 5'7" but I always say 5'8") i was 178. I joined WW & lost 25#. i ended up eventually leaving WW for the cost, and eventually leaving the points plan as well. for all this time I had basically mainted my weight. THen last summer I saw the scale creeping up again to 160, so decided to give WW another try, but this time the online version. well that lasted bout a month. i kept trying to do the points myself but eventually just said heck with it. i think the points plan works, but i am just to busy to sit there & count points!
ok-so then lent comes around this year, and i gave up snacking *unhealthy snacks like chocolate, chips, etc* & also drinks w/calories (pop, kool-aid, etc) well i did lose 5 pounds!!! Yes!!
now lent is over, and i am gaining weight again ( :( ) i was down to 145, yesterday i weight 147. On top of this I have a vacation coming up the last week of may to fort lauderdale, and I really want to get a new bikini & new shorts, etc.
my goal is to be at least 135 by May 26 (sooner if possible for shopping)
My problem is eating at night. I usually eat a healthy breakfast & lunch, a decent dinner, but then after dinner, i eat candy, chips, etc as snacks & end up eating enough of them to consitute probably a whole days worth of cals!!! i also hide this from my BF (who lives with me) because i don't want him to see me eating, but he knows I do because i told him.
does anyone else do this? any advice how to stop. i know i have books to read & stuff like that to keep my mind off eating after dinner, but i do it anyway! help!!!
i really want to look great for my trip (and after), it seems like i have been trying to get to 135 forever. ijust want to be there and maintain it already! I KNOW WHAT I HAVE TO DO...why don't i do it?!?!?!?!??!


PS. i work out regularly, so tthat's not an issue!

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