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yep seeing burgers make me feel sick....
tonights going to be a challenge....
im off to an American Style fast food restaurant....
needless to say ill just be sipping my water....
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*insert inspiration here*
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Originally Posted by staja View Post
I'm a huge Good Eats/Alton Brown and Iron Chef fan. I've found that watching the Food Network helps alleviate cravings, especially since the science of Good Eats and watching the chefs do their thing on Iron Chef is so fascinating. I have been supplementing my Food Network with TLC (What Not to Wear, Job & Kate, and all those "medical mystery" shows) and History (Modern Marvels!).
OMG! I LOVE Good Eats! I love Alton. He is so funny. I love Modern Marvels too, especially the Engineering Disaster episodes. Those are my very fave.

Also looking forward to NCIS...can't wait to see what they do with the show now they that have broken up the team.
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Well, it seems I am definitely not alone! Though you guys have way more programs to choose from, I am jealous!
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I looovee watching weight loss shows or anything similar (I actually got a bit annoyed at one of my roommates yesterday cuz I was watching a really good MTV True Life: I Can't Stay Thin and she changed the channel to the olympics haha), but it drives me up the wall when the gym at my school has the food channel on in the cardio room!!

Who wants to watch someone cook a 2000 calorie meal while they're on the treadmill trying to burn off calories??
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Food on TV makes me hungry. It doesn't even have to be presented in a nice way. I can't watch "You are what you eat", because even if she is telling the person "You can not eat pizza every day, it will kill you" and they are showing the absurd pile of food that person has eaten the last week, I'll be like "mmm.. pizza.."
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Most of the shows on Food Network annoy me (including Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives sorry loves it though ), but I must say I LOVE Ace of Cakes (I work with a girl who looks just like Mary Alice it's kind of scary), Food Network Challenge, Unwrapped, and of course, Good Eats. Alton Brown is one of my "imaginary TV husbands" (so is 'Niles Crane' from Frasier...see a pattern?) lol!!

Food on TV bothered me a lot more at the very beginning, but now it doesn't really get to me. I see Burger King or Jack in the Box commercials and just picture how many WW Points that Whopper is worth...Pizza and Dairy Queen commercials still get me though, because pizza is awesome and I'm seriously, seriously addicted to ice cream.
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Are we there yet????
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every time my husband sees a pizza commercial, he starts whining. So we've planned a pizza night next week. But otherwise food on tv doesn't really bother me that much anymore.
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I love to watch Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, but it just AMAZES me how people eat! Like this one time, a little diner put nearly two cups of shredded cheese, FRIED, onto every single burger. I

That being said, there was totally a time when I would've eaten it...and LOVED it. But now....not so much...
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I really like Alton Brown and Unwrapped on the food network. I do have to be careful and watch all of these shows after dinner though, otherwise I get too many cravings. I can't watch Everyday Italian anymore though, it makes me NEED pasta.

I also really like those shows on TLC about the super obese and the ones on Discovery about National Body Challenge. I think it's nice seeing a story of someone else struggling, and still succeeding, even though it might be slow. If they can, I can! Very motivating.
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