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Default Week Before TOM

I know that it's not possible, but I seriously want to withdraw from society the week before TOM (hey, this week!) I feel so bloated, irritated, sore, and not to mention, so completely *****y that I feel sorry for everyone around me. I can't help it. When I weighed in yesterday, I was only down a half a pound, and I should be excited because it's DOWN, but instead, mentally I'm treating it like a gain and all I want to do is cry about it. I hope that it's just the physical state my body is in, because I've been really good still and have been staying extremely disciplined. I'm just 4.5 pounds away from my next (huge) mini goal and I want it so bad..but when I see such a small loss, it makes me feel defeated in a way. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

that's my rant. I guess I should get back to work..but I'm having trouble concentrating.
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i WANT this...bad
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I'm with you. It's the week before for me to and I want to strangle everyone. lol said with a smile. I am retaining water though and so I just say "lets work it off". I should be working on typing some stuff up as well, but I'm unmotivated and just crabby.
keep on keeping on Mango!
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*insert inspiration here*
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I always start blowing up like a balloon and my pants don't fit. Drives me INSANE. And I'm super emotional. And all I want to do is bury myself in historical romances with popcorn and candy on the side. So yeah, I feel you, especially this week. Hang in there!
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don't be disappointed. You are bloating = you are retaining water. I always retain like crazy on my period and the scale will go up between 5-7 pounds for me. I don't even weigh myself around that time anymore because of it. Just hide the scale and keep on going with your diet and exercise and when it is all over weigh yourself.

I can't tell you how excited I was to be in onederland again s o I know what you mean. You'll get there

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by Jonsgurl0531 View Post
I don't even weigh myself around that time anymore because of it. Just hide the scale and keep on going with your diet and exercise and when it is all over weigh yourself.
I'm right about to have TOM too, and I've noticed that I'm retaining water and feeling a little bloated, too... And I REALLY don't feel like exercising, heh. I'm debating whether I should try this. It seems like a really good idea not to weigh myself during TOM, plus how exciting would it be to weigh in at the end of it all and finally see how much I've lost! EXCEPT I have a really addiction to the scale, hehe, so I don't know if I could hold out for that long. It's an interesting thing to try, though. I think I might.

for all of us!
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Slow but steady...
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I DO NOT weigh right before TOM-- no way. I know its just water weight, but yeah, when you're working so hard and the scale stays the same, or goes UP ANYTHING, even if its .2 lb, omg, I can't stand it. So, in this process I have learned that between 7-10 days before my TOM I gain up to a pound of water-- then, about 5-7 days into TOM, I'm down a few pounds. So, its predictable. I'm sorry you're so blue-- all I can say is, I have been there many many times, and just knowing that the lack of 'better' results is totally temporary, and in a few days, you'll be down again. Hang in there!
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