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  • hi star2be!

    Cookiemonster: for me, i take the "if its not there you cant eat it approach". I dont like torturing myself by having it in the house, and eating little bits just makes me want to eat more. Of course, other people prefer to let them have little bits so they dont binge. Gotta find whats right for you i guess

    I had a good day today. My friends wanted to go get fish and chips for lunch, so i went with them to get some sun and have a nice social lunch. But did i have any fish and chips? Nope.

    Not. A. Single. Chip.

    i had my egg mayo whole grain sandwich and my apple instead
  • ^ Hi! And many, many kudos to you for resisting the "chips"! French fries are one of my BIGGEST weaknesses (along with tortilla chips & salsa, and anything with peanut butter and chocolate) so that would have been nearly impossible for me! I've managed to stop ordering fries for myself, but I might nick one off of someone else's plate if I REALLY can't resist, heh. Just one though!

    CookieMonster--I don't know if this is a plausible idea at all, but if you have some smaller plastic containers, maybe you could try dividing up the ice cream into individual servingss as soon as you buy it? Then just stick them in the freezer and just grab one when you want ice cream and it'll already be portioned out for you. I know people do something like that with chips, cookies etc but it's a little more complicated with ice cream since it has to be kept in the freezer and you can't exactly store it in a baggie LOL. Just a thought! Or maybe even buy some of those paper ice cream cups (they hold about 1 small scoop) and force yourself to use ONLY those for eating ice cream, so you won't be able to overdo it by putting too much into the cup. As for the ice cream you already have, personally I wouldn't want to throw it away because I'd feel bad about wasting the money, heh. But if you think it's truly going to tempt you, maybe you should just get it out of the house! Then you can start over next weekend.

    My "brilliant idea" worked! I actually did go and work out right after I posted that! Hehe. Unfortunately I was at the beach a little bit ago and managed to cut up my right foot pretty well on a really sharp rock--ouch!--so who knows if I'll be able to do my usual workout tomorrow.
  • ouch keep that foot clean!
    I was super tempted by the chips and then i thought about how many calories there would be in them and i was just like "nooooOO! Keep away!!!". Anything deep fried is a weakness for me. When i worked in a restaurant the chef said "You know, deep fried should be its own food group"
  • I have my car back! I'm so excited. It's suppose to be 101 today and I just love AC. The van I was borrowing didn't have AC.

    So I had a new thing yesterday that I have never heard of or tried. shiratake noodles. Apparentally they have 0 cals, 3 carbs (3 fiber). It was pretty good, I put them in Sea weed soup with Tofu. They reminded me of rice noodles.

    Has anyone ever had them or know about them?

    I Ghost- good job on no chips! You're amazing.

    Star- Welcome girl. How's your foot? I wish I lived near the beach.... I'm only two hours from it, but still. I heart the beach.
  • Ghost: I wish I had your will power over the weekend. I gave into the evilness of those darn fish and chips and paid for it royally.

    So apparently I'm going to the Olive Garden this weekend...They have unlimited bread. I'm so screwed. What exactly can I order from the Olive Garden that won't totally mess up my Saturday morning weigh in? I'm trying to be on my Ps and Qs <<<what exactly does that mean, anyway? But yeah, I want to be good since I've been stuck on 236 for the better part of 6 weeks. But it's like I erase all of my progress every weekend. It really isn't fair to be crazy good for 5 days and lose 1 lb, but have one bad day on the weekend and gain like 5lbs.
  • Hi girls!

    This is my third day back on plan since my trip and I feel so much better! I have lost a lot of the beer bloat I gained in England and my jeans are feeling a lot looser. I also am getting my energy back - eating so badly for 10 days left me really tired for some reason.

    I haven't worked out since I got back because I have been so busy my head has been spinning. This is also my first week back at school and I haven't gotten into the swing of things yet. Hopefully this will come soon and I can get back on track. I will make it to the gym on friday-sunday and that's a goal I am going to keep no matter what!!!

    I am sorry I haven't been able to reply back to everyones post. Hopefully I can get some time tonight to do it - but it seems like everyone is kicking some weight-loss booty!
  • Arg, I'm having a bad day! I woke up a 4am and couldn't get back to sleep, so now i'm exhusted. Plus I just had to change a hotel reservation and b/c I booked it only - they won't change it and I can't get a refund/credit! I'm hoping my employer will pay for it. I'm so pissed off. I stay at this hotel probably 15 times a year and they won't help me out. I'm sure my boss will be ok with it but it pisses me off. Now I'm trying to book a rental car and not one of three agencies are answering their phones!!!!!!!

    eating wise I've done ok day. A bunch of us are heading out for sushi and a movie tonight. It should be fun especially since in the 2 years of dating my bf and I have never gone to the movies together.
  • Frick! I've booked my car and it's going to be $135 for a 19 hour rental. Stupid under age fee!
  • Wow, only wednesday and I see that the forum is busy!! I haven't been able to log in that often this week because it's been crazy at work... Sigh...

    I just wanted to jump in and to everyone before going to work out. Hopefully it will be slower at work tonight that I will be able to read everyone's post.
  • joining in on my first weekly chat!

    Here we go again, I posted on your shiritaki noodle thread.

    Cookie monster: I cannot keep ice cream in my house, its the danger zone for me. I love the skinny cow cones though, and for 150 calories I can guilt myself into only eating one a day if I buy a box of four.

    I'm on day three of a huge unreasonable gain. I weighed in last friday and was down to 188.5, monday I was up to 193! then tuesday I managed to weigh in at 195. My eyeballs exploded in their sockets and I literally cried because I have been on plan to the T with no screw ups or binges. I keep telling myself its just the scale, the scale can't measure poo and water and muscle right? whatever, I'm not buying it.
    So that catastrophy and I really really really miss my man this week. He's been gone so long that I feel like he was a figment of my imagination. I wish we could talk more often.

    at any rate, I'm hoping to be back to 188 by friday, I'm really behind schedule on losing x amount of weight by the time I fly down to see my honey. I don't want him to see me like this, I'd like to be the same size as when he met me...or smaller...smaller would be better but at the rate I'm going I'm going to need liposuction to accomplish that! Oh well, I know he loves me regardless, but I'd like to stun him.
  • Here we go again: Never heard of shiratake noodles, but if they have 0 cals I'm definitely intrigued! Ha. Where did you get them? Do you think they'd be at a regular grocery store? I'll have to look around. And omigawd, for me the beach is like heaven on earth, hehe. I live in Ohio, but veeery northern Ohio, so I'm only about 15 minutes away from Lake Erie. During the summer months I'd go every day if I could!

    Taylor86: Gotta love when your pants start feeling looser, hehe. Good luck making it to the gym this weekend!

    caligirl98: Unlimited bread! Nooooo! Haha. That is definitely a challenge for any carb-lover (like myself, ). I went to an Italian restaurant with big baskets of bread and butter not too long ago. I LOVE bread but thankfully I was able to limit myself to one small slice and NO BUTTER but it was sooo hard. As for what to order, they have the nutritional information for many of the dishes on their website--check it out and see what looks good, I guess, heh. It looks like the "Venetian Apricot Chicken" is only 380 cals and 4 grams of fat, not bad at all for restaurant food! Best of luck finding something good to eat.

    I'm starting a weekly belly-dancing class tonight! It's an hour-long class, so I'm really hoping that there'll be enough movement for me to get some exercise, since my foot hurts too much for me to want to do my usual workout DVD. If not I guess I'll have to work out later, heh. Definitely not going to weigh myself for a few days, though, as I just got TOM. Yippee! Lol.
  • Quote: Ghost: I wish I had your will power over the weekend. I gave into the evilness of those darn fish and chips and paid for it royally.
    i have given in before as well it just felt gross last time, and i would feel so bad for the rest of the week, i decided before we went that i wasnt going to have any. And that made it easier than umming and ahhing at the store, trying to decide if i was going to let myself have any ^_^

    Star2be: your class sounds like fun! Let us know how it goes!

    Im getting back to the gym today, and of course, its hailing
  • Star: as soon as they put a basket of bread in front of me, I'm in soooooo much trouble. It's all warm and buttery and ahhhhhhh. Just thinking about it makes me hungry. And I always get the stuffed manicotti because they have the least amount of pasta of any meal there. LOL! But I'm guessing all of that cheese can't be good either.

    I Ghost: That's exactly how I felt. Really icky. I still don't know why I didn't get the grilled turkey on wheat with the avocado. I know better. I know that's what I should have gotten. I'm still trying to figure out what I was thinking when I ordered that.

    I should be testing out my will power (again!) tomorrow night. Going to the moves (Tropic Thunder) and I'm so craving some popcorn with extra butter with a side box of whoppers. But instead I'll break out the oversized purse and pack my own movie snack.

    At least, that's the plan. But I have an Algebra final tomorrow and if it goes badly, I may feel the need to drown my troubles in sodium and a large coke.
  • I agree with all of you. My favorite carton of ice cream in the freezer is just asking for trouble. I mean sure I could save it for the weekend, but odds are I am not going to eat a 1/2 cup serving. It's just tempting me into a binge. Better off getting single serving treats (like WW ice cream cups).

    I mean seriously, who actually only eats 1/2 cup serving? What is that like 1 little round scoop?
  • Shan: You need a hug!

    My day has been nothing compared to yours. I could tell you a lot of stuff to make you feel better. I say go in your car scream at the top of your lungs and walk back in the office composed.