Back & Starting Fresh

  • Hey girls im back! This summer has been really hard for me with school i was taking 4 science classes back to back and my work schedule n school schedule gave me no time to work out or even eat right!

    But im starting tomorrow all over again and going to make myself look great! Now im also excited and motivated cause some of you might remember me always talking about how my bf needs to loose weight and stuff well he finally started a gym with his best friend whos whole family goes. his best friends dad became my bfs personal trainer and hes very dedicated and actually wants to eat a lil bit better!

    So im back, and i know its for sure because i even prepared lunch for tomorrow and im planning on either going walking with my sis when i get home or doing the tread mill for a bit. Im going to look good watch and see I want to hit my goal by Mid Oct!

    Wish me luck girls!!
  • Good luck. I know you can do it. I love these boards for motivation. Just keep your goal in mind and you will do awesome.
  • welcome back! I was wondering where you were! well i know that you will do great this time and of course we have all the wonderful ladies here to help and motivate us! dont worry you are going to do great!
  • good luck you and bf can do it!