I have to brag....

  • So proud of myself. I went out yesterday and drank NOTHING but water with lemon!!! I usually go out and have like 5-6 drinks (i try to be good and do bacardi and diet and always light beer) but yesterday I was like, there is no way i am going to waste empty calories on alcohol. Then my two friends and I went to Dennys at 2 am and I sat there and watched as my one gorgeous skinny friend ordered nachos grande with french toast and my other friend orders eggs, bacon, and biscuits with honey. I sat there with my double order of ice water and sucked on a tootsie roll pop. There food was looking sooooooooooooooo good but i resisted and had not a single bite! Wooo Hoo!!!!!
  • Wow! Incredible!
  • Great job, bella!! It's such a good feeling to know you're making healthy choices and moving toward success!
  • Wow! You go girl! I am proud of you for making such good choices!
  • major KUDOS on your unbelievable willpower!

    I envy girls with superfast metabolisms. Oh well, I don't mind being a conscious healthy eater
  • Way to go, bella!
  • Awesome! I know from experience that its a lot harder then it looks lol.
  • Congrats!!! but i do have to say nachos and french toast dont seem like they would go together tho lol
  • Very impressive

    Whenever you're feeling down,look back at this moment and remember how GOOD you feel !!!
  • that's amazing. I bet, no I know you feel super good about your self right now. Good for you! That takes lots of will power! I wish I had more of that.
  • what an acomplishment!....
    well done!....
  • OMGosh, well done, I so couldnt do that!