5 seconds away from a binge

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  • Thank you guys so much! I do feel better and maybe it was something about yesterday that had us lifestyle changers in a funk! lol

    Tater Haha I totally didn't even think about that! Yeah I plan my workouts too, but mostly because I have a workout buddy and when my ex calls from down range.. Yeah sometimes you just have to feel the pain and push through it.

    MangoIt was empowering and felt good that I could overcome something that I couldn't before. Yeah to get over the hump and will definitely be with time and exercise.. lol

    Diet Coke Good for you!! and with Pizza even.. lol

    valpal That is a shady act that the tenant is doing. I don't think that would sit well with me either, if I was ignored when someone is IN my house. lol No good.

    Today is much better for me! I am on track and have eaten a healthy breakfast and plan on working out at 4 tonight!
  • Just throw the girl scout cookies down the garbage disposal.

    One thing I've learned is to simply don't keep snack foods in your house. That way, you won't have things around to snack on.

    EDIT: I saw your post about throwing them away, GOOD JOB!!!!! WOOT WOOT!
  • good job!

    as an example of what not to do let me tell u my story.

    i lost 23 pounds last year between feb and july. in october my boyfriend cheated on me with his ex and got her pregnant. he told me on a monday. two saturdays later his ex girlfriend and her son were living in his home and back together. i ate the oreos... and the popeyes chicken, and everything else i could get my hands on.

    i was 179.

    look at my ticker.

    forget about the loser and back away from the food.
    i know how heartbreak is but i also know how horrible you will feel if you let it undo yr hard work.
  • Thanks sunflower!

    Bjewled Wow thank you so much for your story. I'm sorry for what happened to you. That sounds very close to what I am going through. Thanks again.
  • anytime...