52 down, 50 to go. buddy, anyone? [Daily Check in!]

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  • i'm trying to get back on the wagon girl...

    but i plan to cook and get things ready tonight so i have no excuses tomorrow.

    you both have to be honest and communicate...it might turn out that you date for a while and realize that its not meant for you to date. but it will still be cool if you both are honest

    how are the rest of you ladies?
  • BUMP!!!

    whats going on ladies!!!

    how are we progressing?

    let me know i miss u guys!
  • ive got back into exercising, but i think its too late to save this week. Ah well, getting back in the swing of exercising now means next week will be great, right?
  • yes ghost! you and i will put up awesome numbers for the blue team next week!!!!

    i havent been OP continuously since my vaca but i got on the scale and have only gained 2.5 pounds so its all good!

    i can pee that off in no time lol
  • i'll never forget that "200 calories is nothing, you'll pee that out in no time!" Seriously, when im down because ive gone over my calories i can hear that in my head

    Im actually down 500g this week O_O Which makes no sense at all. But that means that if everything goes according to plan, i'll be halfway to my original goal at the end of next week
  • yay! good for you ghost!

    JOY where are you my friend???!!! schmoozing with your new boyfriend????
  • allright, guys, i made us a new thread!