20 something C25K

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  • I'm going to download to podcasts and see what thats about. I think those will help motivate me to actually start it!
  • WATP is Walk Away The Pounds. There's actually thread for it here in 3FC.. It's walking at home program by Leslie Hanson... The one I got is for upto 4 miles and takes little bit less than an hour. It's very low impact and you still SWEAT!
  • i did w1d1 finally today!

    it was challenging but i made it through. i could feel my entire lower body working hard. this is exactly what i need to up my cardio. hopefully it will help me shed these lower body pounds. i cant wait till i can actually jog continuously!
  • I'm starting W5 this Saturday. I looked at the schedule and wow, looks like by the end of W5, I will be running 20 minute straight. Hope it will go well. I may try to do it outside actually so I don't feel like I'm trying to run through the wall while trying to run 20 minute. (I do it at home....without treadmill... lol)
  • i did w1d1 on thurs and w1d2 on saturday and my shins are killing me, i am going to wait until tomorrow to do the next day but i see that i need to take it a little slower. i cant wait till my body adjusts because i feel soooo good when i jog.
  • Bump!

    I finished Wk5 on Thursday and am starting Wk6D1 today!
    20 minute run actually went easier than expected.... So I'm quite excited to move on to next week. yay!