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I luv my curves
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I dont feel much pressure because only a chosen few people know that I am really trying to lose weight! But I can understand the pressure because some of the folks that know I am ask me questions like how much weight have you lost so far blah blah blah...LOL
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yeah i tend to keep the calorie counting to myself because then people start staying negative things like "oh that is way to hard, you can't do that forver' and blah blah blah. My coworkers always kind of joke with me when I always flip over a bag or box of something to read the label... People can be so unsupportive!
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I haven't seen my parents in a few months, and I know they're going to be shocked to see how much weight I've lost. I've gone from a sz 12-14 to a solid 8 in the past 6 months. All along the way I've been dropping hints about how I was being healthy though, like "Hey dad guess what, I ran 2 miles today!". So hopefully they'll have a positive reaction. I lost 30 lbs when I was in college by taking Xenadrine with Ephedra and my mom was really concerned about the possibility of me being bulimic because I was eating but losing a lot and quickly. Either way I was being unhealthy about it. I got down to about 120-125 lbs and then ballooned up to 180 during the following 3 years. I've steadily been decreasing since then and I'm now bouncing between 145 and 150. The first 20 lbs was lost over a year without trying. You see, I was in a healthy, loving relationship and I didn't need food to keep me company anymore.
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Originally Posted by redlight View Post
Do you feel pressure from others because you are an example?

I sometimes feel that people are watching me to see if will keep the weight off. It's good in a way because it is an incentive to maintain my weight, but the pressure can be annoying.
oh yes! Back in Nov everyone "heard through the grapvine" that I was trying to get into better shape, I've lost over 50 lbs and I have lots of ppl telling me how impressed they are, and how great I look. So, I do feel like if I were to gain back even half of the weight I've lost, ppl would look at it like I couldn't do it. So, basically, it's not an option to put the weight back on. I almost look at it as a new starting weight daily.
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Actually---- No, I have not had that problem at all. Huh.

My family knows that I have always had food "issues" so they generally try not and comment these days. My friends that knew me overweight don't question anything either--- they are all thin and are able to eat treats now and again and that can be a part of a healthy eating plan and so when we splurge a bit they think nothing of it. My friends who have not known me overweight either: a.) don't comment about the fact that they hardly ever see me eat (because I am sensitive about eating in public, always have been, a remnant of my "fat girl" days and also because I am a picky eater) or b.) say things like "you don't eat anything" you need to eat, blah blah blah and now seem to think that I live off of a liquid (protein drinks) diet, mostly because they think that that is ridiculous and my food choices an object of light banter. But, they don't know the whole story so I can't be too too hard on them....
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my biggest thing is I'm not drinking alcohol and still live in a college town. It's so hard to not want to drink.
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