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Default Need a Bike Seat / Saddle made for "wide loads" - any suggestions?

Hubby and I had a real fitness day yesterday, despite the heat!!

We took a walk over to my mom's house where my bike was stored, picked it up, and walked home--- turns out it was 1.6 miles--- not too shabby!

Then we fixed up our bikes and took a nice long bike ride down to the Niagara River, rested and hung out, then trekked back. Calculated on the google maps pedometer--- it was about 7 miles!!! We were very happy with ourselves!

HOWEVER... ughhhh... my "girly parts" are killing me!!! That little narrow seat (and mine is kinda "gel-ey") it was like half my big butt was folding over the outer edges, and ALL my 260+ pounds were piling onto my poor little bits... that's a LOT of weight to rest one one area of the body!!!!

I think if the REST of my butt had more support, there would be less force and pressure leaning on the middle area---

I LOVE LOVE LOVE biking--- would easily do it every day--- but I'm in so much pain today... it will keep me from biking for a while.

Are any of you ladies frequent bikers? Did you buy any "special" seats to take care of your girly parts when you're severely overweight? (I know some of you are smaller--- I'm talking more along the problems that obese people are having with their bikes...)

THANKS!!!!! Specific make/model would be great, as I hit up our local bike shops and they didn't carry much--- looks like I'm gonna have to order from online, so the more specific the info, the better!
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I don't have any suggestions, but I am interested in replies, too. I got a new bike for my birthday last week and the saddle is very narrow and uncomfy. I saw some wider, squishier ones at Target (I think made by Schwinn), but I was hoping for a recommendation before getting one.

Anyway, kudos on the exercise over the weekend .
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When I was at my heaviest (165), I was starting to have the same problems. I remember researching it but because it was winter months then, I lost about 20lb before spring so I didn't need it. However, something like this might help you. It's specifically designed for that too.
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I just randomly googled it due to boredom at work.

Check out They have a bicycle seat that's 11'' x 11''.

Also, I looked on Target's website as well. It looks like they have a few that are considered to be "comfort" seats.... and they look a little wider. You'd have to look at them at the store to see if it would work or not.

[As far as the derri-air website. It looks legit, I tried to find any negative consumer reports on and didn't see any complaints. I found out the hard way during Christmas what happens when you buy something from a website that isn't as well known as amazon for example but LOOKS legit. Please don't make the same mistake!!!! Be careful when you shop for anything online!]
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I had the same problem when hubby and I bought bikes a couple summers ago (when I was about 30 lbs heavier). I bought the widest gel seat Walmart had, it was about $20.00. I was skeptical that it would be wide enough, but since Walmart has such a liberal return policy, I figured it was the place to start.

The Walmart model was fine for me, which actually was a surprise to me. If I ever get into riding for hours instead of under an hour, I might need or want an even more comfy seat.
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Default Bell GelTech Ultimate Comfort Bicycle Seat

My boyfriend and I decided to bike to and from work for the summer to save cash on gas ($4.39 a gallon here) so we felt justified spending 29.99 each on bike seats, though at the time I was hesitant but I love it! (he's since decided it's too wide for his scrawny butt)
Sounds like it could be good for you though maybe. We got ours from Sports Authority (with a coupon!) but I found it on Amazon for 24.99.
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Does anyone have any tips for how to combat this problem in spin class? I love the work out but the bike kills my butt!!!
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I started riding bikes, and you'll get used to it. Just buy a gel cover. In a couple of weeks it won't hurt anymore.
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The distance between your sit-bones does not change unless you are actively giving birth (bones are bones!) So my recommendation would be to get a bike seat made for WOMEN's sit-bones. The distance between womens' sit bones is greater than mens.

My favorite is the Terry Butterfly Bike Saddle. Just google it. It is always comfy.
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I'm a larger girl and I found the best seat in the world! Go to derri air bicycle seats, you can look at the different kinds of seats that they have and get the one that you think would best suit you. If you can't decide you can call them toll free and they will help you out. It was the best thing I did because I had pain and since I bought my new seat from them it is like riding on a cloud and I don't have anymore pain and can ride for hours

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Ladies - hold your tummies in while you're spinning. It seriously cuts down on how much your butt hurts because you're not putting all of your weight on it. One of my spin instructors is about 250 lbs and she doesn't use any additional seat covers, she just yells at us to hold our bodies correctly and it shouldn't hurt.
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