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I'm sorry to hear about that, I agree that what he did was cowardly. Stay strong, Good Luck to you!!!
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Thanks, everyone.

I fole tomorrow and I've lost 2 more lbs.
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Hi Twirler, I am really, really sorry to hear about your husband. I want to congratulate you on the 10 lbs lost as well, that's AMAZING! And you'll keep going from there. I do want to say this, though. It's not advice, exactly, but I wonder if you could go into counseling with your husband and patch things up, maybe? If you've only been married 9 months, you guys should fight for it. Don't give up yet. I know that's not really my business, just thought I would say that. Good luck to you, whether things work out or not, but I still wish you the best of luck.
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I'm so sorry. Hang in there.
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First of all, congrats on your loss! That's great!

I've been through kinda same thing. I was about 4 months pregnant when my ex cheated on me and left me. Go find someone to talk to. Someone to spend time with. And it's good that you have weight loss journey to pay attention to. I didn't have anyone here in the U.S., as my family and friends are in Korea. So without any intention, I actually lost good amount of weight while I was pregnant and weighed less after having my DD compared to before the pregnancy. Now, I'm a single mom working full time at night(8-430), going to school full time(thank god for online classes). As I wake up around noon to go pick up my DD, my only time to work out is while she's taking a nap. Sometimes she fights so hard to go to sleep that I end up having not enough time to take a nap.Sometimes my bf wants my attention and gets when I work out, although he supports my weight loss journey because that's pretty much the only time we can spend together, just two of us spending time together. So it's been little bit stressful to work out time to time. The ex being a procrastinator doesn't help either because it just takes my time away to do paper works for divorce.

Emotional stress can affect the physical side a big time. Just make sure that you don't skip meals just because you are stressed out or don't feel like eating. It will hurt your body in a long run. Keep getting stronger like you have been. Keep up the good work, and like other ladies said, picture yourself thin and HOT running into him. Great motivation, huh?
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Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
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Twirler for keeping focused on taking care of YOU! It's always very sad when things don't work out the way we planned but you sound like a strong lady who will make the right choices for yourself.

Originally Posted by LetsWorkItOut View Post
Maybe you could try to use your soon-to-be ex as a source of motivation. I like to picture myself running into an ex an event where I'm looking hot and make them regret ever leaving. (Yeah. In my mind, I'm ruthless.)
There is an old saying out there that goes something like "the best revenge is living well" I always liked that one
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Thanks for the support everyone. We're trying to work it out, but he moved out and only time will tell. I didn't file today, though I may pursue legal separation. I'm glad we're trying. I didn't eat the last 2 days because it's been so stressful, but I just sat down with a Lean Cuisine and am ready to get back on track.

Also, Tara, I'm so sorry you went through that. I hear all of these stories and I can't even imagine.

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I had major problems with my marriage after less than one year of being married--- we both had major problems--- mine was extreme unhappiness with myself with vented onto him--- and his was beign overpowered by me and not feeling comfortable enough to open up and let me know what issues he was having, which led to him making other stupid decisions...

We are working through our issues... hopefully you can as well. And if not--- well, what better way to be single than to be hot (which, HOLY COW you are smoking in that photo!) and thin and ready to move on.

That was my theory--- I wasn't gonna let depression get me down b/c I figured, hey, if this doesnt' work out, then I gotta be ready to get back out there and move on. I can't do that with a tub of Ben and Jerry's! (unless, it's IN a bathtub with some fellas called Ben and Jerry!)
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