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Default Foods to bring camping

For my birthday in July my Dad is taking my boy and I on a camping/fly fishing trip! I am really super excited because I love camping and the boy has never gone camping here in the US.

I know this could be a great opportunity to loose some weight and get some great hikes in - only I would love some suggestions on what food to bring!

I know I am gonna stick to kashi oatmeal, piece of fruit and maybe eggs for breakfast while the boys eat pancakes, bacon, fried eggs, hash browns...etc and I am gonna have low-sodium deli meat for lunch....kinda my usual plan.

I have already taken the suggestion of turkey brats and maybe ball park franks...maybe whole wheat buns, too?

This camping trip is going to be a real test for me because I am going to be surrounded by chips, cookies, beer....etc but I really focused on not making this an "eating trip" like I have all vacations in the past. My goal is to enjoy fishing, hiking and spending time with the people I love instead of always thinking about when I can eat next.

( But I will make s'mores one night cause you gotta at least once, right??)

I would just love some suggestions for fun, healthy, easy food to cook over a fire or on a colemans grill!
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Good idea to plan out things to bring. Precut fruit from the grocery store and put in the cooler, a giant watermelon... things like that

Oh and the smore thing... I can't turn them down!

Have fun!!!!
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Woohoo camping - its like the fun part of my childhood is flashing before my eyes! Hmm... it deosn't sound like you are packing in, so weight of food won't be an issue. Protein bars are good to have on hand because they can survive rain, etc. and don't require actually cooking. Sweet potatoes wrapped in foil can be dropped into the coals of your camp fire and are super nummy! Actually, lots of stuff (even frozen breakfast burritos) can be wrapped in foil and heated that way - its like a super slow microwave. And you can always eat the fish you catch (if you don't do catch and release)

Have fun!
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Hiking (just walking all day in general, actually) makes me hungry, here's what I bring with me to work when we have to do survey, which is 7-8 hours of walking.

-gnu bars. The Fiber One bars are okay, but Gnu bars have more fiber, no sugar in weird forms (sucralose and the like), most are 130 calories, and I believe mostly organic. The oatmeal raisin, banana walnut, and chocolate are great.

-string cheese. The 60 or 80 calorie kind, a quick protein to fill you up.

-Baby carrots, great for munching along.

-apple, same as baby carrots.

-sugar snap peas, same as above.

I also like to take canned tuna, canned beans, low fat tortillas, and a measured amount of peanuts. The trick is not to get hungry. At least for me, once I'm hungry, it's all over!
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Oooo all of these are such great ideas! I also think I must remember to drink LOTS of water.
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I just returned from the store..I was stocking up for a week at the lake!

I did the same thing, I bought Kashi granola bars...low carb/sugar yogurt smoothies...fruit..low sodium lunch meat..whole wheat bread..etc.

For dinners you can try fat free, lowfat/sodium hot dogs..turkey burgers..etc.

There is plenty you can bring.

1 smore won't kill ya

at least you're brave and are trying to stay away from the alcohol...I just spent $50 at the liquor store (does this completely discredit my post?) haha.

I'm going to eat healthy and light and plan out my drinks okay, that's better.
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I will do this.
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illbehot I figure I am a camping trip and some bacardi and diets aren't gonna kill me if I try and get some cardio in everyday. And drink plenty of water
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