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Default how to handle free lunches

so, I am currently involved in a summer research program. All is great except the schedule is full of luncheons with free meals. A couple of the lunches have been simple lunch sandwiches, but many of them are pizza. I just wanted to find out from any of you here how you handle the offer of pizza on such a regular basis. Often I bring my lunch, but it seems somewhat awkward when I pull out my own lunch in front of everyone. Any advice would be great, the smell is so tempting and I usually end up wandering over to the pizza at some point when my will power caves after a an hour
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I will do this.
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i would bring my own lunch. If anyone asks just simply say "I just like my own lunches better"
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Well, personally I would lie and say, "you know what? I just found out I'm allergic (I've been having some allergies issues lately)" to wheat or tomatoes or another common pizza ingredient. Maybe gluten? Is that in pizza crust? I'm not sure, but I would surely make something up and then I wouldn't feel as awkward, and that's if anyone asks why I'm not eating pizza anymore.
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If you could handle a single slice in your plan, why not bring a large salad and have the pizza on the side - or even a half slice?

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Say your lactose intolerant. But really why is everyone eating so much pizza?? You could always say you're just sick of having it all the time.
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i would take my lunch and eat my own tell them why . You are trying to eat healthy well balanced foods .. they dont need to know that your trying to lose weight just make it known you prefer healthy food.. tro junk.. maybe they will get better things is instead of pizza .. you never know..

lying is never the answer you could say your dairy wheat or something else intollerent and get cought out.. just not worth the embarssment.. healthy food .. tyvm.. thats is the truth after all
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i agree with the above statement....
tell them you prefer to eat healthily....
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I've been there and done that! I did end up eating more pizza than I should have, but a couple times I told everyone I was sick of it, like MaNdA22 (hey, my name and my favorite number!) said. "Oh, I LOVE pizza, but if I keep eating it this much I'll never want it again!" The truth is, I could eat pizza twice a day every day but no one needs to know that.

If I avoided the pizza altogether, I'd probably cave and end up eating 5 pieces one day. If you're like that, too, plan for a piece once in a while.

I'm starting a new graduate program in the fall, so I need to keep my own advice in mind. Academia = pizza, cookies, beer. *sigh*
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I also have a lot of free lunches when I am doing things with my school program. I hate to sound rude but it bothers me when people without food allergies say that they have them to avoid food. There is a two part problem for me, number one it creates a lie that you are going to be forced to stick to and number two it creates a misunderstanding of food allergies. If you say you are allergic to gluton to avoid pizza then eat a sandwich then people are going to think that others with gluton allergies can eat bread. So when someone else says I'm allergic to gluton they will be confused. This is hard when you actually have food allergies. (Clearly I have real food allergies and have to deal with people not understanding them for reasons like this).

I would tell whomever does the ordering that you do not like pizza or that it is to greasy for your stomach and ask if they would mind ordering you something like a salad instead. A lot of people will not mind. Otherwise I would just bring my own lunch and if anyone ask say you know I don't really like pizza.
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I would bring my own lunch...
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1-2 slices of pizza wouldn't hurt for a day. But if it will last long, you probably should bring your own lunch and just tell everyone that "it's bored to eat pizza everyday" (and actually it's quite true for lots of ppl), or just say "today i suddenly want to eat salad/fruit/etc... instead of pizza for lunch".
I also agree with RememberHowToSmile that you shouldn't lie about allergy. It's hard for you on the future too because you'll have to live with that lie, and it's not worthy.
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any lie you make to people you will have to deal with on a semi-regular basis you have to make true

the awkwardness of pulling out a sandwich is probably much less then the awkwardness of getting caught in a lie
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Well, I still do it. Feigning allergies also discourages people from trying to force food on you. I've used it many times in many situations and never have got caught eating something I claimed I was allergic to. It works for me. I rarely eat bread and don't really like peanuts, so when I say I'm allergic to wheat or peanuts, if someone is offering cookies or other baked goods, they never try to say, "well one just won't hurt" or "come on, just have one, they're really good." It's been a very helpful tool in my weight loss when I'm around food and people. I would never say I'm allergic to something I eat often and I'm fond of. Then I definitely might slip up. It's not hard keeping up with a little fib. Especially if you're consistent. It's an better option than repeatedly getting offered and questioned.
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The office were I'm interning at has pizza a lot. But they always get salad to go with it. And generally I have a small slice, some salad and a water.
Remember it's just pizza, it's not Satan.

A piece of veggie pizza from most places really isn't all that bad for you.

One slice small slice every few days certainly won't hurt you. When my office does it just work it into my plan and have a healthier dinner than I might have otherwise. Yesterday I had pizza and a giant piece of cake because my office had a party. And you know what the best part is? I don't feel guilty about it. Because I'd rather be 100 pounds heavier than base my worth on what I put in my mouth.

If you're really going to keep this weight off you have to make peace with the pizza, donuts, candy, ice cream and every other "bad" food, that or never eat anything fun again for the rest of your life (and go on huge guilt trips when you fail).
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