where is the balance?

  • so i'm just about halfway done, and in a way, i am happy with myself and the way i look. like i know im not super skinny as of yet, but i am sort of happy with the way that i look... i know i am going to continue on my journey and feel like halfway is SO FAR from my goal, but i'm thinking, where is the balance?

    does our motivation lie in being unhappy with the way that we look? or is it okay to be thinking the way i am and that while i'm happy with the way that i look, i could look even better and think hey, why not?

    what do you guys think?
  • Your motivation shouldn't lie with being "skinny" or being "unhappy" with yourself. In my opinion, and maybe others disagree, but it should be HEALTH that is your number one motivator. Do you feel healthy at 188 and at 5'2"? I sure don't feel healthy at 191 and 5'4". Even when I was at 149, my lowest weight since highschool, I didn't feel healthy at all. And everyone is different.

    You have done SO WELL with the weight loss you've managed so far, you are an inspiration! Keep up the good work! There is no way on earth you'll ever regret eating healthy and living healthy, and also losing more weight.

    Don't give up!!!
  • I totally agree with Julie. For me, it's just about feeling good about myself and being happy with how I feel. I hate when I feel really full, feel sick because I ate too much sugar, or when I don't want to eat dinner with friends or family because I had too much junk during the day. I know I'm not overweight (anymore), but it's less about that and more about my health that keeps me going
  • Just a thought....since I've lost about 25 pounds...My lowest in over 13 years. I really feel good about how I look.

    BUT I would be "settling". I know I need to and can do sooooo much more. A healthier weight for me 5'7" and broad shouldered max is closer to 165-170. Even better to be the "best that I can be" would be closer to 150.

    I've even told myself that at 225 I was okay as I could wear size 14 and 15 regular (not woman's sizes). But who am I really kidding??...that extra weight is not good for my heart, blood sugar, joints, etc. It is still too much weight regardless of what I look like.

    BUT on the other hand....I if I have to obsess with my eating and exercise to maintain 135....I know that is not practical either...though the "charts" might say that was the ideal weight for my height.

    It's easy to kid yourself that what you intended to be one hurdle is the finish line.

    Hang in there. You are worth the continued struggle to be a healthier weight. AND half way there is a huge accomplishment.

    On another board someone suggested when you lose a significant amount of weight....i.e 15-20 pounds....go to the store tote around a 10 pound bag of flower or a 30 pound bag of dog food. See if you don't find that you don't want to 'settle' for "kind of okay", you'll want to be at your healthiest!!

  • i actually tend to feel less motivated when i'm not happy about the way i look. i start putting myself down for being fat and lazy, etc. it's like a downward spiral. obviously i did start my weight loss when i was in that self-hating funk. but i was doing it for the wrong reasons then. now i'm finally getting to a point where i'm feeling better about the way i look, and i'm actually feeling more motivated now. i could stop right where i am. but i know i'm not within a healthy weight range, so i'm going to focus on all the progress i've made and use that to motivate myself to keep going.