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Default How to politely decline food?

I need some tips - I get offered food alot, and i can say no - however sometimes, when people are really putting on the pressure I just can't say no!

It's horrible - I want to say no - I don't want to eat it, but I do because I feel bad not doing it.

Any tips on how I can say no, politely!

I was given a bar of awesome freetrade chocolate today as a gift - but I think im going to give it away as a gift to a friend.
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If someone is really pressuring you to take food you have already politely declined, ask them why they want you to have it so much. A lot of times it's because they just want someone else to be eating the same thing that they are, to lessen their own guilt!

Personally, I have NO problem being stubborn on this issue. The more they try to get me to take it, the more firmly I dig my heels in. If I need to, I let my annoyance with their pestering start to show.

After all, would you be polite and take poison from someone just because you want to avoid being unpleasant about it? Maybe that's a little dramatic, but that's how I see it.

Anyway, if you are really unable to say "no" to people, then I have two solutions for you:

1. Lie. Say you are allergic to chocolate/gluten/wheat/eggs/lactos or whatever ingredient is in the food you are being offered.

2. Accept the food, then throw it out or give it away later (without letting the person who gave it to you know, of course). Tell the person who gave you the food that you are really looking forward to having some, but can't right now because you just ate and are too full/you have a tummy ache/you'd like to save it for later, or whatever excuse that comes to mind. In short, see rule #1.

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Congrats on your plan for the chocolate -- regifting puts that chocolate to its highest use -- finding a place where it is truly appreciated!

Regarding declining, I think it is polite to emphasize that the more delicious something looks, the more of a problem it is for you, personally. You could try something like "OMG, that looks so delicious! But whenever I eat something like that I just can't control myself and I've found it's best if I just don't even get a taste of anything so good." (add pouty face)
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Apple Cheeks - thanks! I reckon regifting is okay eh!

Yoyoma - i guess thats a good idea....i mean that was I won't be lying?

It just my family is all....fooody. And I know that for me personally - i cant just have one piece of chocolate without eating the whole bar!

Anymore tips? I was thinking about saying something along the lines of "Oh I would love to but I worked so hard at the gym today and I wouldnt want to see it go to waste!" or something like that?
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Not to be very harsh, but my gut reaction to mentioning your hard work at the gym wasn't a good reaction. Like, maybe it felt like bragging? I would just stick to saying something along the lines of yoyoma's suggestion, just putting it out there that you're trying to be aware of your food intake, and then let them know that it isn't easy and you really WANT to have that food!
I often just let people know I'm doing WW. It used to feel embarrassing, but I just don't care anymore, and once people know I'm on a "diet," they start asking a lot of questions and move off of the food pushing thing.
Good luck!
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A simple "I'm really not hungry right now, maybe later"?
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I reply with a quick 'no thanks' and usually she will move on and go to the next co-worker, just as long as I don't show any interest in it, because then she will TAUNT me,
As Apple says, I give it right back to her after a while and say, why do YOU need to give it away (in a fun teasing way) Why don't you eat it? Why did YOU bring it if you don't want it. Then if it gets really bad I will tell her to just throw it out or find some HUNGRY person to give it to.
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Hm... I usually just stick to my guns, but offer the food-offerer a compliment on the food, like, "Wow, that looks incredible, but really I'm full/I couldn't" etc. Depending on who the person is making the offer, I'm sometimes honest too, "I'm trying to lose some weight and as great as that looks, I just really shoudln't have any."

Back for years ago when I was at my heaviest and first decided it was time to get serious, I told ALL my close friends, "I know we eat a lot of delicious things together, but I need to lose weight so if you care for me: Don't offer me ANY food. I won't be offended and you won't seem rude and you will be helping me."
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I run into this all the time cause my hubby's family is a little on the big side and they love their food. They get mad and tease me because I stick to my guns but oh well. They won't be calling my names when I'm half their size and they wish they would've been as strict as I am.

My sister and my husband's sister are best friends and they whisper about me a lot when I don't eat something they are. It annoys me but I deal. We had a big birthday bbq last weekend and I brought salmon cause I wasn't in the mood for the fatty burgers they were eating. (My SIL adds about 12 pounds of anything she can find in the fridge to her burgers.) That was just outrageous in their minds but my hubby did the grilling and he wasn't complaining so I don't know what the big deal was.

People have given you some great suggestions and I just wanted you to know I feel ya!
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I handle this in two ways:
1) if someone gives you a gift of food you don't want, be sweet and accept it graciously. Then regift it or donate it to a food pantry.
2) if you're just at a public function and you're offered food, just say you're allergic. I actually have a digestive disorder and just tell people that. If people are rude enough to pry, I tell them the offered food will make me ill.
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The other day I was shopping in See's Candy for Father's Day and the lady that walks around to give samples to everyone came up to me and offered me a piece. Even after I declined, she continued to talk about what was in them and how "delicious" they were. I declined again and she then went on to say "are you surrrreeee?"

It was really annoying, but I think these are all some great suggestions considering I was 2 seconds away from giving that lady a real piece of my mind.
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yeah its tough.

if its something that is packaged ill take it "for later" and then just give it away.

if its a slice of cake i just say no thank you because i guarantee i will eat it. if they pressure i just say something like oh but i couldnt.
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i agree with readyfreddy.
Anyways, usually i'll say "no thanks, i'm full" and everyone will move on. But if they won't, then i'll take it and give it to someone else later. But if it's a piece of cake or smt unpackaged then i'll just absolutely say no.
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I think if it's like the chocolate say thanks and take it, what you do with it from there is your choice.....regifting is a great choice, someone will enjoy.

if it is just a pushy person I sometimes offer to take the plate from them an d offer it to others..."oh, sue, you relax, let me offer that to the guests"...later dropping it back off at the buffet avoiding 'sue'
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Maybe I'm not polite about food. Ok really I'm not. If offered food and it is either not on plan, it is not something I eat, or I don't have it budgeted in calorie wise, I will very politely say "no thankyou". I generally will refuse polietly twice, if the person is presistant about me taking some I say, "I don't eat that", "I consider that junk food and it isn't something I eat", "I am not hungry". Or I get even blunter if necessary. Most people take it well. If for some reason I am given food and can't refuse then I normally take it and give it to either my sister or roommate or I just throw it out. I realize thowing it out is wasteful but so is tempting myself to waste my calories.
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