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i love the site posted ... thank you so much !
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Default ...

Originally Posted by Kitegirl24 View Post
I know you are probably wondering what you would look like at a certain weight, but the truth is that everyone's bodies are different. Two women can weigh the same, yet seem as though one is heavier than the other.

She is very, very right. A lot of factors come into play. Someone the same height as you (I would consider you petite) but who never worked out a day in their life and was 135 pounds may very well look kind of pudgy, or they could be a very fit 145 and actually be a lot thinner. I'm 174 right now, and my friend Becca is 145 and the same height. Even though she's nearly 30lbs less, her measurements are bigger than mine and my BMI (done with measurements and calipers) is at 26% and a good 5% lower than hers. Just from my experience it seems that Caucasian and Asian women weigh less, in general, than women of other ethnicities even though they wear the same clothing size and have the same measurements.

I'm not spouting facts, just making that observation based on the fact that in the army we get weighed and taped monthly and all the girls with corresponding BMI's that are Caucasian weigh 20-40 pounds less than those of us that aren't.
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Can't wait till 170
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Last time I lost weight, I got to 186 lbs and got some clothes. Then I gained weight and reached 208. Now I'm at 195.2 (as of today).

The difference between last weight loss and this time is that I relied only on eating last time. I was on WW..and lost 17 lbs in two months. This time, I'm working on both eating and exercise. I've lost 12.8lbs so far in 3 months. Yeah, a lot slower this time, which I thought didn't make sense at first. However, what surprises me is that clothes I bought when I lost weight last time fits a lot better now. Some are even lose on me already...and I'm almost 10 lbs heavier than when I bought them.

I have to think it's the muslce working its wonders. I can feel my muscle on my arms and legs. I can actually grab the side and feel the waist, not just some bunch of rolls. (if you know what I mean)

So I know I can't just look at someone who weighs the same as I do and think I'm going to look the same because I know that will never happen.
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135 size 6

145 size 8

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I'm 5 foot y, 140 Pounds, 23% Body Fat.....

Don't have any pics tho

To be honest tho, i think its a realistic goal, expecially for someone as young as urself and at that height!
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Me! Here I am 1 year ago and about 5ish lbs heavier:
I am 5'4.5"
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