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Originally Posted by JenMusic View Post

Now someone tell me why more Chinese people aren't overweight?
My ex-roommate was from China. Even though we did not get along perfectly, I came to observe her cooking and realized why she is so thin. The actual cooking process seemed so healthy. She used to steam-cook all of her vegetables in one pot, take a tbs of the sauce she wanted and create more by adding water, she would steam-cook the rice and she would boil her rice-noodles first without adding flavorings. Then she would mix her rice and vegetables and meat together in the wok with just a teaspoon of oil. Plus she insisted in using fish-oil rather than the vegetable one (I wonder if this oil has a secret power or something)

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Smile Favorite Fast Foods - Healthy Style

As most have said, Subway or Wendy's are the way to go. I love getting sushi from the grocery store as it is relatively low in points, or egg drop soup if I'm going Chinese. If I'm with my hubby and it's laundry day, we usually go to Atlanta Bread Company and get bagels with margarine spread.
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I like to revert back to my kid days, and order a Happy Meal from McDonald's- 4-piece McNuggets (with ketchup), Apple Dippers & Low Fat Caramel Dip and a drink such as unsweetened iced tea- it's only a whopping 280 calories!! And, oddly enough, it fills me up. And I get a cool toy:-)
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We eat out 1-2 times a week, so I'm pretty familar with ALL the menus

At the "burger joints" I usually have a grilled chicken sandwich, sans mayo (which I hate, anyway, so that's good). I count calories, so depending where I'm at for the day, I decide if I can afford a fry (medium) or if I have my own sides (I always have a serving of a "crunch"- i.e. rice cakes, cheese its, etc, and a piece of fruit in my purse). As someone else said, McDonalds nuggets are actually not bad calorie-wise.. I can have a 6-piece AND a large fry (if I want a treat) and it's only 600 calories and change. For a complete meal, not bad! High in fat, but not calories.

Subway I get a 6" chicken breast sub thing.. no cheese.. just lots of veggies. Mmmm.. pickles and lettuce.

My husband is a manager for Taco Bell, so I don't get that much But, fresco is not available in most areas for the next 6 weeks, because of the tomato thing, just in case some of you weren't aware!!!

We actually do get Chinese lots, it's my FAVE cuisine. You CAN keep it low-cal, even with FRIED rice. Just save room for it. I always get either chicken and broccoli, or beef and broccoli.. both are very lean. The issue with Chinese is the PORTIONS, they normally give huge amounts. So I eat half, or measure a true portion.. and save the rest for another day. The other issue is the sodium, so I just drink extra water when I have it
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hey guys n gals!!

i actually used to have a chinese housemate to and she taught me how to cook everything...

i always have on hand, fresh chillis, garlic, sesame oil, soy sauce and chinese five spice. with those you can make a yummy stir fry that is miles better than any other chinese take out! trust me!
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Default If I HAVE to...

I'll eat a happy meal from McDonalds. Chicken nuggets with apple dippers with nonfat caramel dip, and a milk jug.

6 inch subway Veggie Delite on wheat, 2% milk, and an oatmeal cookie.

We actually have this little carribean place right off post that I like to go to also. I always get a small order of jerk chicken, beans and rice, cabbage, and cinnamon baked plantains with honey.

I have a sweet tooth.
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chinese restaurant style in US/European country and chinese cooking style at home of normal chinese are different. We like to steam veggie alot, use very little of oil (not like in restaurant they deep food in a huge pot of oil) etc... So i guess that's why in reality chinese food isn't that high in calories as is served in restaurant.
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