June NSV

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  • I made a personal best in fitness . . . 20 minutes on the elipitical the most I've ever done is 12 minutes
  • I bought some hummus today for the first time - tired it and loved it. And I am going to make those portabello mushroom caps tonight from a WW cookbook.
  • Wore a tank top and my stomach actually looked flat. To top that, the day care teacher asked if I have been losing weight..(yes, i wore that tank top) and i said yeah I've been trying and she said she could tell. Yay! Second person who noticed that I'm losing weight, except my bf...the first one was back in April so this comment made me SMILE. heh...
  • i had an awesome exercising week--i played ultimate 2 times, went to the gym twice, and went to two spin classes as well. i forgot how energizing exercising can be!
  • I bought a bra from Victoria Secert, I know that is a weird NSV but they now have some plus bras but they use to not care anything over a 38 well that clearly wouldn't fit my 44Ds (at my heaviest). So I love and always brought the Clinique plunge bras. They don't fit anymore so I went to Victoria Secret and I fit into their bras no problem!
  • I was working out today and while doing bicep workout, I actually saw muscle for the first time...not just arm moving! yay!
  • Quote: I actually managed to go out to a bar with my friends and not drink. I ordered a club soda with some lime slices, noone even knew, and I still had a great time.
    Seriously! That's a huge accomplishment. I have an awful hard time saying no to a nice cold beer with friends. Way to go!
  • My "skinny" jeans are becoming too big on me!!

  • I went to the store and was struck by a chocolate craving. I even went to the candy aisle and almost bought a bag of starbursts because they were on sale, and contemplated getting M&MS...but i turned around and walked away. I had my blue bunny fudge lites and my skinny cow ice cream sandwiches! No more chocolate needed. And ya know what, i haven't even eaten a whole ice cream sandwich yet. I just ate part of one b/c i wanted to know if i'd even like them (and i do!!)
  • This is the second week I have made my goal of working out 4 times a week.

    And ya know what? I feel like going for 5!!