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  • TBL Army VS Navy Wives? Wow... that sounds really good. I know as an ex-military wife...that they "tend" to gain weight...Well, at least I knew a lot of them who gained weight after they got married..being a stay home mom, hanging out with other military wives at home eating...

    I really want to watch the TBL every season but I can't because of my work. Bleh!
  • Well I thought nothing was going to happen over the weekend but we ended up getting a tornado. So I didn't eat on plan like I had planned. By the time I could finally get outside to get something to eat I ate McDonalds, Im paying for it today though because I was sick all day, no more McDonalds for me. The tornado was a scary thing, it went pass my street and and we were without power last night through earlier today. This week I will be eating on plan though, hopefully, no more natural disasters.