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Default Anyone taking birth control?

I just started taking my pills again on Sunday...and remembered that the side effect said something about gaining weight. I'm taking generic brand of Seasonal called Jolessa. Has any of you experienced this? If it happens, I will be devastated....since I'm working out about 6 days/week for about an hour...and eating less..if I'm still gaining... sigh....
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Do you HAVE to take birth control? Do you have irregular periods or something? I'm not on it for that very reason (potential weight gain) -- I use spermicides + condoms to protect against pregnancy. I will never ever get on birth control. I have hard enough time fighting against weight gain.

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I'm on the generic of ortho-trycycline (I'm sure I spelled that wrong), I've never expireced weight gain on the pill. I actually experience weight gain when I went off the pill. It is a side effect, but from the people I've talked to about it, its only like 5lbs. And if your working out and eating right it should stay away.
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I know that rumors are rampant about gaining weight on OCP, and I'm sure that *some* people are effected in that way, but my understanding is that no well done studies have ever shown there to be a correlation between the pill and weight gain.
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I just got back on the pill after having been off it for about 3 years. I don't feel I gained weight because of the pill the first time I was on it - I am also starting my 2nd pack this month and have not gained weight at all (still losing as a matter of fact!) and don't feel that it effects my weight at all. I also take generic Ortho-Tri-Cyclen (Tri-Sprintec)....
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I'm not on birth control now (hubs had a vasectomy), but I WAS on the same thing (Jolessa) after my daughter was born. I never gained weight with it
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I've been taking Jolessa and another generic of the same type for about 3 yeas now. I have still been able to lose weight when I try.
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I lost weight when I started birth control. And from what I understand, most people who gain weight with BC gain about 5 pounds max, and can still lose it. I wouldn't freak out. The healthy benefits (regular cycles, reduced cramps, protection from certain cancers, etc) outweigh the weight problem. Sorry about the pun.
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Default Yanno...

I also took a generic of seasonale called Levlin. I didn't gain weight on it really, but I did find that it made it virtually impossible to lose weight when I did put it on, and that I retained a lot of water and experienced a lot of fluctuations from that. It also turned me into a raging psychopath the six months I was on it, I abhorred sex, my hair shed like crazy, and I broke out with acne every month like I was 13 all over again! I switched to Yaz and take it the same way I did seasonale. All the problems went away in a few months and i'm dropping weight like crazy, but B.C. is personal. Everyone will react differently to different stuff. I can't take anything that uses synthesized testosterone without morphing into a hyper-emotional waterlogged circus freak, but a lot of people like them.
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