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taragettingthin 05-19-2008 10:12 PM

I bought new weights yesterday as my weight for TransFirmation was getting too light for me. Today was the first time trying them and I sure felt the difference while working out. I wonder if my body will feel different tomorrow morning. I also finally got my Pilates dvd today! I checked mail on the way to work so haven't had a chance to try it but I can't wait till tomorrow to try it!!! I'm so excited.

So.. today while eating dinner, there was so much noise going on outside by kids...but as I was busy feeding my DD and getting ready for work, I couldn't step outside to see what was going on. Then as I'm leaving, I see whole bunch of kids around this one chubby boy. The boy is on the ground, held by another big boy and the boy on the ground was yelling at him that he's going to break his arm. And the rest of the kids were shooting water at him with water gun. When one of the kids saw me and my BF, she said something to that big boy and everyone started walking away from the boy on the ground. As he got up, a little girl pointed at him and said "You peed on yourself, hahaha." She looked like she was not even 5 years old! The poor boy said that it was water from other kids, and the girl kept going, it's okay that you peed...and the boy is walking away yelling IT WAS THE WATER FROM OTHER KIDS, I DID NOT PEE, SHUT UP. Then the big boy tells him yeah yeah you peed.
I felt so bad for the boy and it was sad to see that kids are so cruel like that. They should be innocent, have fun, and not get hurt like that...but I think kids can be more cruel than adults sometimes, which is very sad...

colaz 05-20-2008 09:12 AM

Good morning everyone!

Well...I didn't work out yesterday, but I stuck ok to my eating (other then the morning when I had a pop tart and chocolate for breakfast...eh). Ummm this morning I had another pop tart. Grrrr! Luckily now, they are all gone. No more pop tarts for me. I think I have just been so stressed otu, and I crave sweets so bad when I'm stressed. I even have those chocolate 100 calorie packs for times like that...I don't know exactly why I'm having sch a rough time now.

Well, I'm pretty excited here. THere are only 12 days of school left or something like that. That will keep me busy until June...and hten I am going to spend June packing up the house (I'm moving to Dubuque in July...which is where my Fiance' is), looking for summer work, and looking for a place. I am so excited to get out of Iowa City. It was fun this year, but my Fiance' Steve is about an hour and a half. It's been hard.

LOL, it is going to be the first time we've lived in the same State lol. He is from Wisconsin. He will still techniqually live in WI until we get married in October, but he works in Dubuque, so I should see him every day insteed of just a few times a week. Yeah!

Ok...I need to go get ready for school.

Cookie, cooking for yourself is a great thing to get into! I started cooking two meals a week with my roommate ...each meal made four meals, so we would each get two meals from each meal. It is much healthier, and nice to have control of what you are eating (if you don't want to eat green onions...don't put in green onions :) ).

Tara, omg! That is just horrible! What is it with some kids these days? I would have been just steaming! Too bad you didn't know the kids so you could contact parents. I know some parents wouldn't care, but I think most would. Grrr! I'm a teacher, and you would be shocked with what goes on in the elementary, middle, and high school.

Swimming, I've got all of the HP audio books too! I love listening to them in the car during long trips. I thought that the next movie should be coming out this summer, but I havn't seen anything...hmmmm.

Smile, well that sounds wonderful then! I hope you really enjoy yourself at New York. I've never been. That is so cool that you get to be there during your internship.

PrettyPaula 05-20-2008 09:28 AM

tessa... itll be awesome to move nearer to fture hubby... i cant imagine being away from my fiance we live together and its heavenly!

i was 203 this morning... but TOM arrived today to! so hopefully thats just water weight...

im eating on plan.. and doing some more exercise in a min!

went to see the doctor today... to get a lump on my leg checked out. apparently its nothing, its very common and is the result of an infected hair follicle from long ago that has left fibrous tissue beneath the surface... phew! what a relief.. i was imagining allsorts!

she also recorded my weight and said well done, she told me to keep up the good work and very much approved of my eating and exercise plans.

im happy with that, and she was a lovely doctor.

hope everyone is having a good tuesday!

freethetoys 05-20-2008 10:33 AM

well done pretty and colaz, looks like your doing a great job. im currently feeling a bit odd, like my brain has so much info init its a bit confussed. im gonna take a few hours off and just try and not over do it. im gonna try test myself later and see if i can remeber all i have tried to revise this morning. I had a NSV today, i was looking through old clothes thinking some i got christmas time will still fit. But im gonna have to sell more clothes on ebay, a dress i bought and had to adjust to fit into now does not fit :-s its too big on the back and bust area :-(
also had a smiilar thing with a gorgeous jacket i have which i have worn once but i put it on and its drowning me now, which is such a shame. but i may start uploading bits onto ebay to start making some money off my weightloss lol
i suppose then im being productive with the time im not revising at least!.
im having a rest day today so i can exercise again tommorow, the run did not hurt me as much as i thought it would, i guess my body is getting used to the shock of high pulse rates.

artsnsmarts 05-20-2008 11:14 AM

So I have this weird gym membership that has restricted times when I can go (but it's super cheap and a GREAT gym!!!) and I'm always been kinda sad because there have never been any pilates classes when I can go, and only ONE Yoga class early on Sundays when I'm frequently working....


I really love this gym. They're so friendly, it's clean and looks like a spa, and it's all women, so it's just a really supportive environment and it makes me really happy! I'm feeling really re-motivated right now, and it's great!

Also, we just got notification from the theatre dept. at my school that we have a CRAZY FAMOUS person coming to work with us next year. None of you would know who she is, but she's a big deal in the theatre world...a very famous music director. She's directing a show in the spring (a year from now) that has 2 female parts, one of which I AM PERFECT for. Being in a show with this director would be AMAZING on a resume and would also make a great contact in NYC. So I'm really feeling like I have to lose the weight before this time next year. Is 30-40 lbs in a year a too-ambitious goal??

BellyUp 05-20-2008 12:00 PM

Good Tuesday morning everyone!

Can I just start off by saying that I really think there are some amazing ladies on here. You guys that have lost 20, 30, 50, 100+lbs! That's amazing! It really helps me believe that I can do it too. So...thanks for the inspiration :)

Nextly, I really need to go to the store! If I don't have food in my house I go straight to carry-out. Why I don't just go down the street to the store to get healthy food is beyond me! So, I'm going to the store first thing after work. Gettin' me some new workout clothes too. Mine are soooo old...and, well, that's just gross, people!

I am going to San Diego in about a month and a week-ish with the boyfriend for a wedding. Two bad things about this: Frist, bathing suits...'nuf said. Second, the girls in his family are all beautiful thin women so it's QUITE intimidating to be around them (even fully clothed!) when I'm out of shape. I think I need to post reminders for myself about that on my fridge and pantry. That's super good motivation.

Do any of you have, hmm...don't really know what their called, maybe "dream boards"? I've seen them around sometimes. They are posters that people make with all the things they want in life. Health, vacations, wealth, love etc. and they hang them in their houses. It's like if you look at your dream enough you'll make it happen? Anyone do this? I'm thinking about it, but my roommates might think I'm stupid. Haha. I need not to care about things like that!

artsnsmarts 05-20-2008 12:18 PM

BellyUp -- Getting new workout clothes TOTALLY motivates me to go to the gym!! I know that sounds silly, but for some reason I feel the need to be "put-together" all the time. Not that I'm a super glam person at all, I just like looking put-together, so I LOVE having workout clothes that I feel are put-together and comfy and what I want. I just got some GREAT new seamless workout pants from Target. I liked them so much I ordered 2 more pairs!!

Also, buying food for yourself instead of ordering saves A LOT of money!! Aaaand then you can put that money toward your new workout attired, haha! :)

PrettyPaula 05-20-2008 12:27 PM

gracey: its a shame to say goodbye to nice clothes because theyre too big but its also ace to get new ones with the proceeds huh! i hear ya on the revision thing, i cant seem to get my head down at all... im doing year 1 exams and i think i just dont feel like theyre important? what year are you in? did u see my natalie cassidy review?

arts: WOW thats an awesome opportunity!! i say 30-40 pounds in a year is definately doable!! go for it!

Bellyup:i dont have one of those boards, but i LOVE the idea of it!! i may just do one myself!

sunback 05-20-2008 12:55 PM

Bellyup - I don't have one of those "dream boards" yet, but I've been collecting pics from magazines and other supplies for a couple weeks now to put one together. Mine's just going to be a weight-loss theme to inspire me to get to my goal. I'm going to put it on the wall downstairs right by the elliptical so I can stare at it while I'm working out and push myself harder! :)

CookieMonster416 05-20-2008 01:58 PM

Hey everybody! I am getting VERY excited about the big wedding I have this weekend. I have been really good with working out and eating healthy since January 9th. I've lost pretty much all of the weight I was hoping to lose (as I've said before I don't weigh myself). The question is, should I just let myself enjoy this big weekend? I've pretty much given up alcohol and have counted calories every single day for the past 4 months. I'm scare though if I do that I will completely fall off the wagon and come Tuesday I will start gaining all of my weight back...

PrettyPaula 05-20-2008 02:20 PM

one weekend wont ruin everything!! eat in moderation... choose wisely (drinks etc)

artsnsmarts 05-20-2008 02:55 PM

cookiemonster -- let yourself enjoy this weekend!! Don't over-stuff yourself by any means, and try to control your portions at least moderately, but by all means, celebrate!

I just had a HUGE NSV for me -- I just went to the grocery store without purchasing a SINGLE item that isn't good for me!! Everything I got was either high in fiber, portion-controlled (100 calorie packs!), or just a generally good thing to eat (milk, haha). I find it really helps me if I go to the grocery store RIGHT AFTER the gym, that way I'm still on my exercise high and feeling motivated to do things well!!

Also, I'm down either 2 or 3 lbs! (I can't remember what my last weigh-in was, I think I blocked it out) That's great because I've had several gains recently and now I'm feeling better!

misstraveller 05-20-2008 05:37 PM

Hi everyone. I haven't been on here in a REALLY long time, but I wanted to re-introduce myself and get back into the weekly thread. My name's Becca and I live in Naples Italy working as a civilian for the US Navy. I love it here, and I love my job taking care of the children of the military members, but it's hard being away from my family and even harder being away from my boyfriend who lives in Georgia. Can't wait til we can get back together again!
Anyway, I have been losing weight during my time away, and am down to 189 pounds, my lowes weight since HIGH SCHOOL! Yay! I hope to get lots of advice and share some of my tips here too. Am looking forward to getting to know you all and sharing stories on this journey!

lissa9501 05-20-2008 07:27 PM

went to curves....gonna feel it til tomorrow when i go back for more. that is one total workout and i know i'm gonna sign up for the fitness study but not sure if i can do $40 a month to actually do it for 12 months straight lol

just keep swimming 05-20-2008 07:41 PM

Welcome back, Becca! Congrats on all your success! I must say, I'm a little jealous that you live in Italy. I studied abroad in Milan my junior year and can't wait to go back! :)

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