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That is great!!! I can't wait until my tummy and appetite shrink up.
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Be so careful! Im the opposite - I shrunk my bellly and now....sad to say...its back up again! I am amazed at how much I can eat now without feeling full!

Went out for breakfast with mum the other day and she was completely amazed that I ate almost the whole plate...admitedly it was only a few sliced of grilled bacon, salad, and 3 slices of bread (which I didnt finish) and a potato salad (which again i didnt finish). But still! It's alot for me!

I'm going to have to work super hard to shrink my belly back down to normal small size again!
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I will do this.
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Yup - I do get that feeling too. Not only because of the amount of food I eat when I go out but also the quality. The foods are so rich I end up feeling sick.
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Well done you for getting used to smaller meals. I can still eat an awful lot (but I haven't been doing this for long). However, I have noticed that I enjoy eating meals without large side dishes of carbohydrates - for instance salad or fish with vegetables. In only about a month I seemed to have weaned myself off my dependency on lots of chips/bread, which is nice. I'm also less keen on the taste of full-fat things like ice cream and creamy yoghurt. Long may this retraining prosper!

Has anyone got any tips on how to work out and measure a good portion size (not too large or too small) without having to weigh things? I have tried watching the amounts slim women at work eat, but this is difficult because you never know what they eat for the rest of the day. Cheers.
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I think I can definitely relate!! I used to binge A LOT - I mean, I'd be able to eat practically a whole box of cookies at a sitting, etc. I think I could still eat a lot of food in one sitting in terms of quantity, though I haven't tested this theory out very much. But I have found out that I definitely cannot eat as much sugar and junk as I used to - it just becomes too much! So maybe I can eat 1/3 the amount of cookies I used to be able to until I start to feel somewhat unwell. But I think my emotions have shifted too, where now my eating is definitely far less compulsive than it used to - sometimes I still eat for emotional reasons, but it has become far less so! Which is awesome
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