Workout order?

  • I started working out with Curves, then added TransFirmation (5 days of cardio/strength DVD per week) about couple weeks later, and then little bit of 10 Minute Solution Dance one, and I'm now waiting on Pilates DVD, and just started C25K. I'm trying to put them altogether but am not sure how. For example, yesterday was Cardio day for TransFirmation...Well, I did C25K and without thinking that much about it, I just did the Cardio I was supposed to today. Now my thighs are sore... and even my side/waist is hurting...:P

    I read it somewhere to do Cardio one day then Strength the next. I also read somewhere Cardio+Stretching (yoga, pilates), then Strength+Stretching the next day, and so on... So many different "stories" I read on the "order" of workout...

    So any ideas?
  • I think most "experts" recommend cardio everyday. At least I always hear to get 30 minutes a day, which I interpret as everyday. I do think they recommend not to run or jog everyday, though, as that will put stress on your joints, especially us heavier girls.

    This is an example of a "good" week for me:

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Jog/Walk 45 min (including c25k...or my own jog/walk routine that's similar)
    Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: 30 minutes cardio (usually elliptical), 15 minutes strength training

    Edit: I was going to say, you're probably fine with doing a bit of extra cardio on C25K days, but if you feel it's too much, maybe to incorporate strength & cardio together on your off days for c25k.
  • im lookin at buying an elliptical machine as i just cant run, my shins have awful splints...

    is that good cardio?

    i already do yoga/pilates and weights...
  • i get bad pains in my knees and shins alot when i run, but i have found running on grass is so much better....
  • 3 days/ week (Mon/Wed/Fri) I do c25k on an elliptical. Just as good workout w/o destroying my knees. Then 1 hr yoga class + abs 2 of the days (Mon/Fri, muscles need recovery).

    3 days (tue/thurs/sat) 60 min swim. And walking every day (no car )

    I always spend at lest 10 min stretching after every workout. + before/ after bed. It really helps, you still get some ache but no real pain/soreness.