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  • I think my boobs are getting smaller. My bras dont fit anymore.
  • boobs, arms face, neck, all my top of my body....last place the fat went on.
  • Face, waist, and then hips.

    Last to go is definitely my thighs and butt. The fat there hangs on for dear life!
  • I can notice the weight loss in my face and my stomach - the "apron" for lack of better word is getting smaller!

    I know the rest of me has shrunk as well, as my largest bra, my watch, and the thighs of my pants are baggy, too, but I think my butt & boobs will be the last to go. They've always been proportionate, though - thank you, hourglass figure!
  • I think it was my left earlobe . . . followed by the discovery that I had knuckles and veins in my hands.
  • i cant wait for the fat in myt arse and legs to go, i was getting depressed just looking down last night lying in bed, why wont it just f off! lol
  • Quote: i got sick of that gracie.. i had a boob job!

    how bigga increase did you have?....
    wot did you go from and to....
  • My waist, but only the circumference around my belly button. Below and above the belly button are still stubborn and haven't lost as much. Also my boobs and face have lost fat. I didn't really want to lose in either of those places especially in my face because I have a small face for my height making the rest of me look lanky and unproportional. Like many others, my butt and thighs could help my cause here...

    Also my fingers. We were getting ready to go out, and I told my bf back in January that my rings weren't fitting on the fingers they usually went on. I thought something strange had happened to my rings. Now they fit on the right fingers. I didn't realize my fingers had gotten fat too.
  • Face and butt/hips. I was really thankful to lose the chin.
  • I'm a bit odd... I noticed my weight loss in my fingers first. My ring size has decreased a whole size already. 10 to a 9. I thought it might just be water weight or oh who knows swelling or the heat but it's been that way since I started losing and I finally took my ring to get it resized b/c when I washed my hands my ring fell off!! Oh I would NOT be happy if it went down the drain so I first bought ring snuggies and then decided it was time to get it smaller... Then I noticed that my "fatter" right thigh was fitting all the way up or into my jeans. It use to make it's own little fat trap there or something and pinch my leg on the inside but not anymore the seat of my pants fits where it's suppose to-- although getting a big baggy...wah-hoo
  • My boobs, sadly. Sure wish it was my stomach!