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  • who would you most want to look like??

    sign me up for Pink's body!

  • Alyssa Milano
  • Someone told me just the other night at work that I look like Alyssa Milano...which is very weird because I look pretty irish.....
  • I know this sounds completely stupid, but I'd want paris hiltons...with bigger boobs. haha ...but i like her body.
  • Heidi Klum -- and she seems like such a sweet, genuine lady, too.
  • Jennifer Aniston - she's just really well-proportioned and slender.
  • Scarlett Johansen! I love her!
  • I second Vdaybaby. scarlett johansen
  • I can't think of any celebrity I would want to look like. But I would LOVE LOVE to look like this chick. She lost 60 lbs and was chosen to be in Oxygen magazine. She has the exact body type I want...at least for a while. I know I couldn't keep up with that low bf%. I'm not even sure I can get there with all my health issues but I'm aiming for it anyway.

  • I would say Missy Peregrym or Britney Spears before she got pregnant.

  • I dont want to look like any celebrity, It's plain lowering to them and its lowering to me. Firstly its not only their looks i can appreciate them for, and theres nothing wrong with me! No wander people have low self esteem if theyre 'trying' to look like celebrities.
  • Rebecca Romijn

    She's tall like me, same hip/torso shape... of course my breasts will never look like that .

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  • i like kelly brooks body, uk model very natural looking.
  • Jessica Biel is fit and healthy. I'd like it if I could get my body to that level of 'tone' but obviously me being me lol
  • I'd be a pink too....
    altho id quite happily have my proportion with that body....