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  • I just finished up my first year of college, and while I did eat healthy most of the time and went to the gym regularly, my main studying snack was a 10 mcnugget meal with a diet coke and a double cheeseburger from McDonalds, and I was an avid snacker on chocolate. In total, I gained about 30 pounds during my first year of college.

    Anyways, good luck with your weight loss, and welcome
  • hey college people, im just about to start my exam season, diet is in week 2, and im starting to feel the pressure. i cant imagine its good to be on a diet when your stressed, i never loose weight when im stressed out, weird that.
    anyone else in the same boat?>
  • Oh yes, I'm there with you.

    Our ASB officers are so "helpful" and put out a veritable buffet of snacks in our student lounge during finals week. There are cookies and cinnamon rolls and popcorn (the really buttery kind) and candy galore. If you're there early enough you can get some of the healthy things like fruit and granola, but we're talking like 6 am early.
  • i know u probably loose more cals when u study, but why do cravings go up? i guess maybe any form of comfort in a time of stress???
    last night i think i was near to melting point. i just felt like giving up on everything. i felt like i understood nothing. but oh well im bak on it today :-s
    anyone got any helpful tips for remaining positive and keeping your metabolism working for your diet, mine slows with stress...eek!
  • Quote: anyone got any helpful tips for remaining positive and keeping your metabolism working for your diet, mine slows with stress...eek!
    I totally understand school stress. I'm finishing up my third year of dental hygiene, and apparently dental students/professionals have the highest rate of suicide and substance abuse... and really over eating is a form of substance abuse.... hence my 30 lb weight gain in the last 3 years!!

    This is probably a really annoying answer to your question (cuz a few months ago I would have told myself to screw off) but I just finished up exams and I really found that the exercise I added in really helped my stress levels in comparison to the past when I wasn't exercising. Even a 20 minute run will give you enough endorphins to chill out and boost your metabolism. I swear, cuz most of the time when I was studying I had to almost drag myself kicking and screaming to run, but when I was done I felt like a million bucks.

    And for study snacks (a MUST) I go for bulk with the lowest calories:
    -Popcorn, veggies, fruit, dry cereal, yogurt and berries, edamame beans
    And then I always have a small portion of bad stuff to have a bite of intermittently among the healthy snacks to satisfy the bad food cravings like cheese, 100 cal pack chips, chocolate chips... anything salty.

    I hope this helps
  • I totally understand stress ruining a diet- stress the reason I am at the weight I am now. Last spring I studied abroad in Italy and was in the best shape of my life despite the huuuge amounts of pasta I was eating- walking and a mediterranean diet really do work I guess. Then I got back to my stressful life in America of senior year classes, studying for the GRE, and applying for graduate school and I gained 35 lbs. in three months. I went to the doctor and he said my high level of stress was putting my body into a crisis mode where I conserved all calories. That on top of some emotional eating and I blew up to 165 lbs from 130.

    Now I've gotten into my #1 choice grad school (UChicago) and I am having a hard time feeling good about it because I am so depressed about my weight. My whole life I had gotten a lot of attention for being smart and sexy, but now I am having a really hard time with my self esteem. My boyfriend of 5 years has always been supportive of my dream to get a PhD, but even he admitted to me that he doesn’t feel attracted to me because of my weight gain. I move to Chicago in September and I want to be back to my highschool weight of 120 lbs. Sometimes it just feels so hopeless because I will eat 1000 calories or less a day for 2 weeks, exercise etc but then 1 or 2 meals at a restaurant seems to ruin 2 weeks of progress. If I eat more than 1000 calories a day I won’t lose any weight. Does anyone else have such a hard time losing weight due to stress? Any advice, support is appreciated!
  • hey gradgirl, im sorry to hear life is hard at the mo. And its a shame that your boyf said such hurtful things to u , true or not, i think somthings should not be said. i guess ull just ave to use the negativity for motivation to keep going. I think what is getting me through is thinking it wont last forever, and when these next 4 weeks are over ill be preparing for a holiday abroad and a move ect, lots more stress but nice things to come out of it. You should deffinetly spoil yourself and treatyourself for your achievements, be that educational, fitness or weight loss. obviously in moderation and preferably not food related, but you deserve it. Need to realise you are doing great girl, and your doing all thr right things in life, just need to learn to appreciate what u have rather then what u dont have, because your weight can be changed. (what your doing) so be optimistic in that u have already taken the right steps. :-)
  • oh and my metabolism freaks right out when im stressed no matter how little i eat, but im guilty for not wanting to exercise when stressed, so im really trying hard on that front. (although its so hot in the uk today i dunno how im gonna exercise and not die!!!)
    but enough excuses, must go do some sort of exercise.!
  • Stress eating is a case of eating to change the way you feel rather than eating becaue your we all know eating causes a bunch of things to happen that relax your body.

    I'm in this boat as well....gained 20 pounds this semester...senior year sucks