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Default Shopping Dilemma Past the Waistline

So here is my deal and I apologize in advance b/c this isn't really weight related. I dont know if it is natural or common for some women who have a heavier frame to also have large feet. Of course large feet may just be well...large feet gene related. Not only do I currently shop for larger pants and tops, but i have to seek out large feet shoes! I wear a size 11 which isn't too bad but i have a flat foot and a bunnon (sp?) on both feet. This deff causes frustration. I"m looking for a cute shoe to go with my cute black dress i got from Torrid. Does anyone know of places, brands that have size 11 and/or W? I know of nordstorms, steve madden (sometimes), zappos and payless.

Please let me know i have less than three weeks to match my shoes to my dress. Do you have large feet? Where do you get your shoes from?
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(I'm not a 20-something but I'm replying to this topic anyway)

I naturally am blessed(hey, what can I say, I like 'em) with large feet(size 9-11 depending on the brand) and I can usually find shoes in my size anywhere. Of course, I usually end up getting one of the biggest sizes they have, but I have no problem locating my size shoe.

I wonder why it is that one can easily find larger sized shoes in my area but they're hard to find around you.

I'd recommend ordering from the internet, but you say you have less than three weeks.. and given that some companies can be slow with shipping.. yeah.

I don't have any stores to recommend because I've never bought shoes from anywhere that didn't stock size 11's.... So I'll just wish you the best with your search for shoes.
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I'm a size 10 girl...and I can generally find nice shoes almost anywhere. I love Gianni Birnini's - they are the most comfortable shoe ever - and they make beautiful shoes (can be found at higher end department stores and sometimes he has his own boutiques in malls), Nine West (they are everywhere), and surprisingly, I have had great success with Target shoes - I'd actually compare their comfort level to that of Nine West....and I always find shoes there - honestly, I rarely have trouble finding my shoe size - of course it does anger me when I can't - but I usually can....

Now...on to shoe size having to do with body frame - I'm going to just throw out there that I know lots of tiny girls who have huge feet - I know huge girls who have tiny feet - so I don't think it has to do too much with frame - but more genetics - likely a combination of both
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did you check out the shoes at torrid? i dont really have large feet (size 7) but my bff wears an 10 or 11 and buys shoes there. you can always look at their webpage. i love their heels too cause they were made for "fat" chicks. a little wider and a little smaller heel so you dont feel like you are toppeling (sp) over

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Well I can definitely relate. I wear a size ten. The last time I was in a shoe store, although they carried 10's and 11's, they didn't have a single size ten in any shoe I was interested in trying on.

Since you only have 3 weeks and you're trying to match an outfit, I'd want to shop in person. For me, just because a shoe is my size is no guarantee it will be comfy. I'm picky and will only wear comfortable shoes.

You may want to call stores in your area ahead of time and see if they carry 11's. I would expect almost any store to carry at least the most popular shoes in 11's. More and more women wear larger sized shoes.

Good luck!
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I'm anywhere from an 8-10. I've always had prety good luck with department stores. JCPenney's, Macy's, Dillard's, etc.

Good luck!
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Ookay. All the posters above me have small feet.

I am a size 12w, and it's virtually impossible to find anything but granny shoes or sneakers in my size when I go to a store, so I have to shop online or using catalogs if I want something decent.

The following places are where I get most of my shoes, and they all have websites you can order from:

Massey's (big selection, cute, but a little pricey)

Roaman's (they sell clothes, too, but also lot's of nice, inexpensive shoes)

Lane Bryant (yup -- they sell big shoes, too!)


P.S. I ordered shoes from Massey's about 3 weeks before a wedding, and they arrived in plenty of time because I paid extra to rush them. All of these companies are pretty good about shipping--most of the time the shoes arrive in about 1-2 weeks. I'm pretty sure most of them also have a "rush" or "overnight" shipping option for shoes in stock, too.

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I don't have big feet...but I was in Naturalizer and they carry shoes up to a 11 I think. They also have wide. They have some really cute shoes. Sounds like a granny store but not really. I have the hottest pair of black heels from them! Since I know you are in Cali...the Naturalizer store I went to was in the Great Mall in Milpitas. Might be a little far for you. I am not sure where another store would be. Good luck!

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I wear an 11W - 11 1/2. I mostly shop Payless but Woman has some really nice shoes (used to be the Lane Bryant catalog but they kept being confused w/ the store). They tend to be low to mid high heel which is good for me since I'm 6' tall barefoot. You might want something higher.
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Great!! Thanks ladies, i'll look there..i need to hurry up and find something. yes i looked at target and they have some cute stuff...but with this bunnon and my flat feet, they are TOO SMALL!!!
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I wear an 11 wide and yeah, its rough finding shoes. I don't think a lot of people understand what it is to not be able to buy any shoe they want, that most shoes simply aren't made for my foot. My shoe shopping in a store tends to be like "oh a cute shoe...not in my size...ok, heres one...ok no...." eventually I'll find an 11, try it on, and it will be too narrow. And after looking at every shoe in the store, if I'm lucky I'll have found a few to choose between, but generally I leave empty handed as I'm also picky about shoes. The internet is where I tend to buy, at least then I can search for just what is in my size and then go from there. I have had some good luck with zappos, and has a lot of shoes designed for wider larger feet (and bunions and other foot issues), you might want to check them out. A lot of their shoes are kinda grandma-ish, but theres some cute ones mixed in too. Best of luck! Maybe someday shoe manufacturers will hear our pain and just make the darn things in more sizes!
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