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Feral 04-30-2008 09:28 PM

Motivating Workout Music
So tonight I hopped on the treadmill with my ipod. I know, not a foreign idea by any stretch of the imagination, but for some reason I tend to forget I own an ipod. I have a CD player in my car and *gasp* still play CDs vs. satellite/radio. Whenever I'm at the gym I'm with my work out buddy so we're always talking or watching TV.

I hit shuffle and Paul Van Dyk's "Time of Our Lives" came on (you can look up the vid on youtube). OMG What an amazing song! It so made my night and was a COMPLETE motivation.

What songs really get you going while you're working out?!

Apple Cheeks 05-01-2008 03:57 AM

I have a few that I really enjoy, but I found out that I will actually run the fastest, longer, when I am watching action movies on TV!

I was watching "Aliens" the other day while I was on the treadmill, and I got so pumped up by it that I found myself running harder during the scenes where they are all shooting and going crazy. It was like I was a part of the chaos or something! :lol:

As for music, a few songs seem to make the time on the treadmill more fun. These are two of my favorites:

"F*** the Pain Away" by Peaches (yes, it's a crass song but I smile when I hear it anyway. I feel like I'm in some dive bar having a good time:hat:)

"Jump Around" by Cypress Hill :dance:

jubilee912 05-01-2008 10:35 AM

Church by T-Pain, Basement Jaxx- Romeo, and also Bleed it out by Linkin Park gets me up and running. I just like music that is fast so I don't realize that I hate exercising. I will definitely try to download more Peaches music.

deathnotronic 05-01-2008 10:41 AM

i love listening to ska music. ska is like super, bouncy, happy, feel good music. it puts me in such a good mood.
this is a list of my favorite ska bands:
reel big fish
catch 22
mustard plug
stamp'd (local band from around here, but so amazing)
big d and the kids table
old school no doubt

Feral 05-01-2008 11:29 AM

OMG! LOL How could one forget about SKA?! Man. I feel like an idiot. I'm going to blame this on my computer crashing a year ago and I won't tell you just how much music I lost. It makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it, I haven't fully recovered from that one yet!

Alright, lets keep going with a list of music! :) That way I can go home and add it to my collection

griffogrubb 05-01-2008 11:47 AM

I like to run and do my core work to hip/hop, something with a nice, fast beat that I can pace myself to. I also like songs with lyrics that'll motivate me to keep on going. Lately I've been listening to Till I Collapse, Soldier, and Rabbit Run by Eminem. Till I Collapse has to be one of the best running songs ever, from the opening verse you can relate the entire song to running and it just keeps me going when I feel like I wanna give up.

Kriket84 05-01-2008 12:17 PM

I second old school no doubt.
I love the new serge tanken album. cant think of the name right now.
SOAD makes excellent running music. Just not in the gym, it makes me rebellious and feel like a rat in a cage :D

SugarHabit 05-01-2008 06:02 PM

Apple Cheeks: I never thought to work out to action movies... I love them and they amp me up so I can't believe i never thought of that... it would help to have a tv in front of the treadmill though.. I guess I'll try it with my laptop....THANKS!!

Apple Cheeks 05-01-2008 08:16 PM

Sugar--I kinda discovered it by accident.

I noticed that I just wanted, needed, to go faster while I was watching the movie, so I punched up the pace and stayed there until all the shooting was over! I couldn't believe it when I looked down at the timer and saw that I had been running for 20 minutes straight at a pace faster than I usually am comfortable with. It was crazy! :p

xGurlyGrlx 05-01-2008 08:48 PM

Ohh....collapse by eminem is a great workout song! I love the beginning also! I listen to everything when I workout - from rock, rap, hip hop, pop, metal. Whatever is fast with a good beat. One of my favs right now is take me there by Sean Kingston. I also like touch my body by Mariah. I love her! Number one by Nelly is a motivating song also.
Forgot to add Damaged by Danity Kane. Love the beat!

Apple Cheeks 05-01-2008 09:10 PM

Here are some more of my favorite running songs:

* "Stealing Fat" by the Dust Brothers (from the Fight Club soundtrack)
* "Fancy Footwork" by Chromeo
* "Speedballin'" by OutKast
* "Bounce" by System of a Down
* "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" by Santa Esmerelda (caution! This one is over 10 minutes long!!)

rockstar87 05-01-2008 09:22 PM

I was running on the treadmill to GI Jane one time...All those scenes where they're running through obstacle courses, doing push ups in the water, etc and the commanders are screaming at them...I felt like they were screaming at me ;)

Rise Against is what I'm really enjoying running to right now. I particularly like The Good Left Undone, Worth Dying For (I do my sprints to that :)) and Injection. My Chemical Romance will always be my staple workout music. House of Wolves has been played liek 1000 times according to my iPod.

I also have the occasional "girl power"ish pump up song like U and Ur Hand by Pink and Fighter by Christina Aguilera. And then Eye of the Tiger, Final Countdown...all those cheesy sports movie songs. Hahaha. I'd shoot myself without music to run to.

Shannon1983 05-01-2008 09:34 PM

this is what i listen to when i walk as of right now.. No Laughing please

Soilder by Destineys Child
Maria Maria by carlos santana
Damaged by Danity Kane
party People by Nelly and Fergie
Like Glue by sean paul
Lose my breath by destineys Child
Aint it Funny by J.LO
Bonnie and Clyde by Jay Z and Beyonce;;

I know it is one messed up list..LOL


BernerDoc 05-01-2008 10:59 PM

This is what I listen to while running (currently 25 minutes) or during HIIT. If I'm doing steady state cardio I usually just hit shuffle on my ipod.

My workout mix right now includes:

Breath - Breaking Benjamin
Life is Beautiful - Sixx AM
Animal I Have Become - Three Days Grace
I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace
Cold - Crossfade
Just Like You - Three Days Grace
Gone Away - Offspring
Paralyzer - Finger Eleven
Little Things - Bush
Fine Again - Seether
Comfortable Liar - Chevelle
Never Too Late - Three Days Grace
Face Down - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Swallowed - Bush
Hey Man Nice Shot - Filter
Twisted Transistor - Korn
Remedy - Seether
Miserable - Lit
Colors - Crossfade
Fake It - Seether
Pain - Three Days Grace
Get Stoned - Hinder

staja 05-02-2008 08:13 AM

Some songs on my workout list:

Ever Fallen in Love - Buzzcocks
Beautiful Day - U2
My Doorbell - The White Stripes
Last Nite - The Strokes
Beer - Reel Big Fish
Barrel of a Gun - Guster
A Little Respect - Erasure
Smile - Lily Allen
Cabron - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Don't Stay Home - 311

However, I've been watching old episodes of NCIS and Arrested Development recently - I find that listening to music while I'm riding my bike makes me focus more on the time. When I watch an episode of NCIS, that's my 45 minute timer :)

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