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When I first started the low carb diet, I took off a two days every 14 days. But I discovered that I was stuffing myself with every carb I could get my hands on, so I stopped doing it that way. Now, every other week or so I'll have something special, like spaghetti, for dinner, but I'll not go off on a carb binge like I had done before. Plus, I'm not quite as strict as I had been in the beginning. If we have hamburgers and french fries, instead of skipping the fries entirely, I'll eat two or three. That way I don't feel completely left out, yet I don't completely blow my plan.
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I don't have a cheat meal after an allotted time frame. I count calories so if I'm dying(ie: PMS, TOM, etc) for the chocolate one night I have a small, single serving of chocolate and work it into my calories.

Occasionally I have had actual "meals" that were off plan. Like out for lunch with friends at a pub or something. I still try to count calories, but if I go a little over it's not the end of the world. Those kinds of meals have only happened to me like twice since January and I try to keep it that way. It bothers me when I eat junk like that most of the time.
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I used to give myself "cheat" meals.. but I found out it's not a healthy mind frame for me to have. One of my big goals is NOT only to lose weight, BUT to get (and remain) healthy. Now- when I had cheat meals/days.. I went ALL out. ALL out. I would have soda and cheese nips for breakfast. I would go to McDonalds for lunch, and have Chinese for dinner. I would get on the scale the next day and was up a good 3 pounds. Some from water retention, I'm sure- but not all. I had a JAM packed day of calories once a week. I felt I deserved it or something after a hard week of losing weight. And, I assumed it would help keep me on track... something to look forward to.

The ONLY thing it did was stall my weight-loss somewhat, and surely didn't help my goal of eating more healthy.. and it wasn't a healthy relationship with food.

I've since given them up and just find in general that I have WAY less cravings for the junk.

Lord knows.. I'm not perfect, far from it. I DO have days where I have burger king or McDonalds.. but I still count my calories. And I do have OFF days where I slip.. but I never plan to do it on purpose. It's not healthy for ME.

THAT said- we're ALL different people and have to do what works for US!!!!!!!
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I do this but i call it "rewarding" i reward myself for a weeks job well done. If i had a bad week well that sucks for me and i dont get the pizza. My favorite cheat/reward is 2 pieces of cheese& mushroom pizza with 1 breadstick! about 600cals but man is it worth it!
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I go out every couple of months to a place of my choosing and eat whatever I like. I love the Chinese buffet.
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i told myself when i started working out and eating healthier that i wouldn't deprive myself of 2 things: pizza (from anywhere. i LOVE pizza) and my dad's chocolate chip cookies.

when i know my family is ordering pizza for dinner, i'll only have breakfast, that way i can go all out on the pizza.

same goes for the chocolate chip cookies. haha.
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I will do this.
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Death Although you are on the right track I don't think only eating breakfast is a good idea. Eat lunch and your snacks then stick to one piece of pizza and a big salad. That way you can actually stick closer to your daily calories and not "go all out" on pizza.
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I have "special" meals/dishes that I will eat sometimes. When I first started Weight Watchers, I would stay on plan for 5 days, then be off for 2...this was something a lot of women at my work WW group were doing. And I would go bonkers on weekends...seriously. It made my weight loss really slow, and I put a lot of unhealthy stuff in my body. Now I will have a cheat meal every once in awhile, but I still count points almost all the way through the weekend.

I know myself well enough to know that I can't simply tell my brain "No, you're not eating that." Or else all I'll want is THAT, and then I'll binge on it. So my first course of action is to see if I can find a healthier way to prepare that favorite meal, so that it isn't such a "cheat." One of my favorite special meals is bean and rice soft tacos with reduced fat cheese and light sour satisfies my cravings for cheesy, salty, chewy, and carby, and yet I can eat it totally within my points range.

If I can't find a way to eat my "cheat" meal/dish in a healthier way, then I will see if I can make it myself at home. For example, if I am craving cookies, I will make them myself instead of buying a bag of store-bought, even if I am making a regular recipe instead of something low-fat or low-cal...this way I can be aware of what's in them, and I can also be sure I'm eating quality ingredients. (I learned, though, that I can't freeze extra dough and keep it for later...steak knives do well at cutting into a log of frozen oatmeal cookie dough! I just can't trust myself with cookie dough.)

If I can't make the cheat meal healthier and if I can't make it myself at home at all, then I will go ahead and have it...but I will make sure that I have thought about it long and hard beforehand, and made an educated decision to eat it. I find that I personally enjoy the food more when the decision was not made in haste...that way I don't have any "eater's remorse" afterward!

Of course, we all make mistakes....and when I am feeling particularly emotional/hormonal, I do sometimes make bad choices. But like so many others have said, one bad choice doesn't ruin the whole day.
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I've been trying to find a way to work "cheat days" into my new lifestyle. I have had some rough experiences with them, recently. I tend to fall into the "Well, I already ate this, might as well go nuts until Monday" trend. I love the idea of them, though, because I really don't like saying goodbye to entire groups of food. I think I will try and set a definite "cheat day" and try what someone here said; putting off cravings until that day and then see what I really want.
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i do it... i LOVE chinese food, so i let myself have it every couple of weeks...
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I've been doing WW for about two weeks and have found ways to work not-so-good meals into my diet. I dont even think of them as cheat meals b/c I plan for them and fit them into my points for the day. On days that I know I'm going out to dinner with friends, I go to the gym and get in a great workout (activity points!) and then eat as much food for as little points as possible for breakfast, lunch and snacks (so lots of fruits and veggies and any zero point options).
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I make room for the less-healthy stuff I crave, but I don't really think of it as cheating or rewarding or whatever. Its just for me, I can't imagine going the rest of my life without chocolate cake or ice cream or things like that. So I make it a point to let myself have stuff like that here and there. I don't let myself go overboard and most days I'm eating only healthy stuff, but at the same time I'm not going to deprive myself all the time, thats not sustainable for me.
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