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Default I've got and inkling that something is wrong with me.

I am dog tired. But I'm getting enough sleep at night. As I type this, I got 8.5 hours of sleep last night yet I feel I am about to keel over. It's not that lovely TOM nor will it be for another couple of weeks. What's the deal?

I'm trying to attribute it to stress, but I'm not feeling it right now. I've gotten into all of my classes for the Summer and Fall semesters, I've got As in my classes right now, and I actually scored myself a job at JCPenney's. Not even a temp job! I got a real part-time job. (That is a big deal for someone like me who only has temp jobs on her resume.) I know Finals are coming up, but I've got my study time planned out. I don't actually feel stressed.

Could I be stressed and not even know it? Or is this some sort of underlying problem that I need to get checked out? I'm taking a multi-vitamin, I'm getting enough calories, and I'm eating the right kinds of foods. I'm still trying to pick up the exercise thing, but I know I'll have more time once the semester's over and I don't have textbooks to read.

Another thing that creeps me out is that I am completely indifferent today. I am a very very VERY emotional person. I cry at the drop of a hat and laugh hysterically just as quickly. Yet today, I am not phased by a thing. I'm not happy or sad or anything. I'm just here. I'd rather be completely upset and depressed than feel like I'm feeling today. It's very odd and uncharacteristic. I'm good at hiding it from my family and friends, though. As I type this, someone else is messaging me for advice, and I am still playing the ever-sympathetic therapist.

I'm just not feelin it.

Does anyone have any ideas of what could be happening? I honestly don't know. Could it be dit/exercise related?

Thanks in advance.
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Are you getting enough calories? Maybe it is time to up them by 100-200. This may help. Also fruit may help because it contains sugar that will give you energy.
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I've been shooting for 1500-1600 calories, but lately I've been hitting 1700-1800 ish on most days. Should I still add 100-200 on top of that? I'm a little scared to.

But maybe I will try more fruit. I know I don't eat as much fruit as I should, so I'll start adding in at least two pieces of fruit to my day.

Thank you for your suggestions.
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Whenever I crash like that it's either because I need more calories or because I'm working out too much...or a combination of both. Just my experience
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I wish I had advice, but I don't...how long have you been feeling this way? all i can say is that is pretty weird...
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Ceph - You really do have a lot on your plate right now. So it could be that all this has boiled up and is causing a crash. Getting enough protein? (The fruit is a good idea, too.) The non-emotionalness... if it's just a day or two, probably isn't much of anything. (If it lasts longer, well, then I'd start to look into other causes.)

But you've mentioned being really fatigued before, so if this is continuing it has me thinking that it's time for you to check this out with a doctor.
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You might want to see a doctor. It could be just stress but it's best to be sure.
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Is your period to close to arriving? I know that I get moody and indifferent when I'm close to having my period. In any case I hope you feel better
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Lightbulb Start by stopping trying to be so perfect

I read here that you are trying to be Ms. Perfect. Stop it. None of us are. You can't take care of yourself (ie; be someone else shoulder to cry on) until you are doing that.

Taking care of yourself is taking out time to go outside for a walk. Even if it is 15 minutes. You owe it to yourself to take a "breather". Do Not postpone some kind of physical activity. Even stretching at your desk will do a world of good.

Congrats on your new job. I am sure that JCP is in a Mall so on your break take a stroll around the Mall.

When I am under a lot of stress--which is basically all the time---I increase my multi-vitamins to double. I also take extra Vitamin C.

I do not think 8.5 hours of sleep is a lot if your body needs more. Sometimes, I need 9 or more.

Reduce caffeine and added sugar. You already have enough stimulation in your life. You don't need any more.

Go to a movie. Watch something on tv that will allow you to momentarily "escape" from your obsessive thoughts. Try a show like "America's Funniest Videos" or a favorite soap. If you feel "numb", that just could be a sign that you have had so much emotional overload, there is nothing left. Try all of those things above that I mentioned. If they don't help you through this and you are still feeling stressed out (and that is what I think it is) then I would consider seeing someone on campus whom you can talk with.

Usually, high intensity periods of stress come and go and you can take comfort in that "this too shall pass".

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Based on personal experience, I would say that you are probably lacking in the protein area as well. Protein is needed to help your muscles stay strong. The carbohydrates in the fruit will give you an energy boost, but eating a bit more protein would help in the long run.

On a side note - it was mentioned about doubling up on multi-vitamins. I would strongly advise against that! There are some vitamins that can cause damage to your body if you get too much of it at one time.


I do hope that you start feeling better

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Could your iron be low, maybe? I've never had low iron (well, I did for a short time when I was pregnant), but both my husband and mom have low iron and can get quite fatigued from it. Even if your not anemic, per say, you might still be on the lower side.. try eating some foods rich in iron and see if you feel better, maybe...??

I hope you feel better soon
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Thank you all of you for you advice and support.

I'm writing all of these things down. As for if anything's better today I can't tell yet because I barely woke up. The only reason why I'm not downstairs eating breakfast is because I hear a strange man's voice talking to my dad and I don't feel like changing out of my pajamas.

Again, thank you all of you. I feel all loved.
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I don't think anyone over the internet could offer an accurate diagnosis based on the 2 paragraphs you provided us with.

that being said...that sounds almost exactly like what I went through a month ago (except I KNEW I was stressed). I've usually been pretty neurotic about my grades, but for a period of 2-3 weeks, I was exhausted all the time, didn't go to practically any of my classes, just didn't care. I felt achey and like crap. I constantly had a lump in my stomach thinking about all the work I had to do but couldn't muster up any enthusiam to get anything done. I cried alot. It was just everything..mainly being a senior semi-about to graduate from college and having nothing figured out.

I can't say that this is whats going on with you but thought I'd throw it out there.
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Post better check it out

If this continues for more than a week, you might want to go to the doctor. Although it could be the protein issue as others mentioned, my friend had similar symptoms in high school and learned she had a problem with her thyroid. Anemia, or low iron, could also be the cause as Erika79 mentioned. I have had low iron since college and it can really make me tired sometimes. If it goes away, consider it a fluke...but if it continues...go to the doctor or health services or something at your school. You gotta take care of yourself!
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I'm am probable going to state the obvious but it sounds like you have a lot of plate right now and it just might be taking it toll on you even if you don't feel stressed. Try and make sure you take some me time and just clear out your mind everyday. And if this feeling doesn't go away you should consider going to the doctor because you shouldn't ignore your body when it is telling you something.
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