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Originally Posted by twentysixpoint2 View Post
-Gnarly ingrown hairs on my behind (think saddlebags, folks) from bicycling that usually end up as never-healing boils that leave purple scars. Mmm goodness.

-Stretchmarks since I was 6 years old on my thighs, then I got them in high school on my stomach and arms (arms?! How the **** do you cover those babies up?), so I pretty much can never go swimming or to a beach.

-Acne scars on my back and chest that pretty much thwart any attempt at wearing something lowcut. Add that to the stretchmark arms, and it's turtleneck season year around! Weee!

-Massive 16" calves - I can never wear shorts, ever.

-Gallbladder removal scars that look like worms crawling on my stomach

-Gross blackheads on my nose that will not go away with ProActiv or anything else for that matter

-I too have hairy Hobbit feet (that are huge for a 5'7 person, as well) that I have to shave every other day.

-My feet swell so bad I can't wear anything but tennis shoes or I get these unsightly ridges and it looks like my shoes are going to pop. Attractive.
Those sound just like me!

I have the worst strechmarks on my hips and arms. I remember one time I was babysitting this little boy and he pointed to my arm and said it looked like a zebra.

I have a pretty big scar right in the middle of my back from when I developed the "shingles" in 7th grade (it's pretty much like having a 2nd bout of the chicken pox) and I have acne on my chest, so I rarely wear anything but crew and turtlenecks, and you can forget about me wearing anything that showcases my back. I dunno how I'll ever feel comfortable in a swimsuit.

I have big feet for my height. I wear a 9, which doesnt sound bad, but I'm 5'2" plus my feet are wide so I look like a cross btwn Fred Flintstone and a clown

I have REALLY hairy knuckles. My friends and family always call me Wolverine or chimp lol.

I have huge calves. They've always been big since I was a little kid from playing sports (baseball, karate, and flag football) but they've gotten even bigger since I've gained weight. I dunno if I'll be able to wear calf length boots even after my weight loss.

I have a hairy butt and back, lol... they're short and fuzzy hairs, but still hairy nonetheless.

And alst but not least, I don't have blackheads anywhere else but my nose! I can wash my face a million times a day and I'll still develop blackheads on my nose. The only time they left is when I got a facial at a salon, and even after that they came back less than a wk later.
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Originally Posted by ohmanda View Post
I've got eczema on my hands so they are usually all red and swollen. Sometimes they crack and bleed. I've had people ask if I've been burned.
Hey, me too! It usually gets better in the spring, but since it's been kinda cold and dry here, my eczema is still going strong. I had it on my face last year, but thank goodness that hasn't returned. People have asked me if I'm breaking out in hives on my hands though.
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Well, I get darker hairs on the underside of my chin that can often be pretty prominent...I kind of almost grow "sideburns"--both of these I shave off very carefully. My arms and hands can be fairly hairy, so I shave my arms, too.
My legs are terribly terribly white and have little bumps on them (slightly pinkish) so they look terrible, and I always feel self-conscious about wearing anything other than jeans. I also sweat a lot...which also makes me very self-conscious. Especially when there are little damp patches on my clothing under my arms. Then it's like I don't even want to lift my arms above a certain height! :/
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I am quite gassy as well... some days, it feels like they never stop and it's really embarrassing when I'm at work or even at home sometimes... I even got some Beano but I keep forgetting to take it before my meals. I can laugh about it but sometimes I'm like, "seriously?" way way gassier than anyone i know... or maybe people just dont' talk about it... I don't know but I'm tired of running to the bathroom at work.

Also, this isn't "embarrassing" like that but I have bad asthma where I have lots of trouble breathing. Sometimes I'm fine, but other times, I can be sitting at my desk, gasping for air. And it sucks because I'm a runner and I can't go 2 minutes without feeling like I'm dying of suffocation. Back in the day I could go for miles, nowadays, it's a struggle to even jog a little. It's kind of embarrassing because I run everyday and have been for a while, and I'm still the gasping, wheezing, "out of shape" runner who can't pace herself... I HATE asthma. Medication makes me feel like I've had 20 cups of coffee and shaky... and sometimes, it's just scary when I can't breathe. I'm going to the doctor to see if there's anything else he can do for me on Tuesday... wish me luck...
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i have a nice collection of freckles over my one side....
just on my bele, none on the other side....

i also get an irritating rash when i cycle for too long in a day....
the sweat seems to make my bum sore and leave raw patches....
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