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Default Is this like super weird?

Okay so my whole life all I have wanted was to be a mom. I love kids and i just think they are they best thing on this earth. Well anyway one of the reasons I want to be thin (besides for health reasons and my own personal happieness) is because when i do get pregnant i want the cute pregnant belly. My boyfriends sister is bigger than I am and with her last one you couldnt really tell. 1) she didnt gain a lot of weight 2) she always hid it from everyone. Does anyone else have the fear they wont look pregnant just fat?
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haha well i am quite a ways away from getting pregnant, but thats a good point. I definetly want that cute lil baby bump instead of people always wondering if I'm pregnant or just getting chubbier. There was this one girl in high school who no one really was sure until out came a baby right around graduation. I just thought she was gaining more weight.
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just like glitterlicious said im not near ready to be pregnant but yes i do want that cute baby belly. i remember in highschool i was presdient of Life Savers ( respect life club) and our moderator since we have to have a teacher at our events n meetings as supervision she was the sweetest lady i love her i still talk to her well she was/ is overweight and when she became preg you couldnt even tell and i didnt like that she had a few miscarraiges so everyone was like oh she just thinks shes preg which i thought was screwed up but ya i want ppl to know im preg with the cute baby belly and not just fat
like the other day i saw a lady wearing a tshirt saying im not fat you iddiot im pregnant lol
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Shoot, I gained a ton of weight both times. I was 290 when I delivered #1 and 225 with #2. I think even at those sizes, it was pretty obvious that I was PG. Being thin when you get PG does not mean that you will stay thin. I didn't get morning sickness so I didn't lose weight in my first trimester like a lot of my friends did.
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I do not want kids ever, but I know I've heard that from a lot of friends. A lot of people I graduated with from high school (which was almost 2 years ago in June), are now moms (eek..where does the time go!). I remember talking to one a few months ago and she said the exact same thing. She told me she was heavier (lost a lot of weight now) when she was pregnant, and people NEVER knew she was pregnant until about 8 months. But then I have another friend who was the complete opposite. Heavier too, but at 3 months she was showing like crazy and it was obvious. I guess it depends on the person, plus their height may have something to do with it too.
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I think it does depend on the person. I knew someone who was thinner and couldn't even tell she was pregnant until very late into the pregnancy. I guess she wasn't supposed to be preggos (on BC I presume), and she still had her period, but she went to the Doc one day for stomach pain and he was like.... "Umm, are you aware that you are pregnant?" She must have only gained very little weight, and thought it was post baby weight from her first.
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When I was pregnant with my first I weighed 250-260's and you could tell I was pregnant but my belly was definetly not cute lol and with my second I was 260-280's and was the same as the first, except I was showing alot faster than I did with my first. I'm glad that I am done and had my babies early as now I can focus on my weightloss and hopefully not worry about getting pregnant again lol.
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I agree that it depends on the person, where they carry there weight and also how they carry the baby.

I was about 165 lbs when I got pregnant with my son and didn't really have "the belly" until I was about 6 months. Granted my face got chubbier and my butt sure got bigger, but not really the belly.

Now with my second pregnancy it was much more noticeable and fast I might add.

Once you are pregnant and excited...I doubt you will really care what people think.
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Kinda off topic, but I was 240 lbs when I delivered my son and I had a gorgeous baby belly. My sister is 110 lbs and she was huge and bloated when she was pg. It's definately easier on you when you're a healthy weight when pg, but from my personal experience I was way cuter than my other skinny friends.

Ok, done tooting my own horn... LOL
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