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Glad you're back !
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Welcome back! I'm just finishing up my third year of university too (though I still have four exams left ). It's great that your housemates share in your goals of getting healthier, I know that's always been a problem for me. Take advantage of the summer to get back on track, and by the time next year rolls around your routine will be so solid nothing will be able to shake it!
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Thanks for your support! I'm sure we can help each other to do fantastically this time! Adorable picture of your kid there, so cute!

Yaaaay, another RA! Only RAs can understand the joys of being dragged out of bed at 5 am to go attend to a noise complaint that will create animosity and dislike of you in a large group of drunk students...
We can both rock out the success this time! Summer's definitely the best time, when you're not in residence and getting up at all hours of the afternoon, eating at strange hours of the early morning...

MY SCALE IS A LIAR. Blah. Wouldn't you freakin' know. My scale is up and down and all over the place... because I live in residence, my one and only personal space is my room, and my room is carpeted. As I'm sure we all know, the carpet affects the number, in the case of my scale, it makes it shockingly inconsistent. So I have to put my scale on my desk and hop up on the desk to get weighed. Well, the desk is only slightly LESS inconsistent.
This morning... I weighed 167, a number which I am more inclined to believe than 165. Boo.


Heading to the gym today for the first time in months! Hopefully I can do just that!

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One step at a time...
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I was going to write something really inspiration..seriously.. I was. But I can't stop thinking about you putting a scale on your desk and climbing up on there to weigh yourself... Hmmmm. LOL! JK! Ya gotta do what ya gotta do I guess! Good luck!! I know you can get right back where you were before girly!
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Grrr. I hate liar scales! I hope you're able to find a place for it that works out as good as possible!
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J, I did something similar this morning. I have moved from a house where the bathroom had a wooden floor to one with carpet...and there is not way I am putting the scales in the hall and standing there in the nip (I have house mates!) So I put down a wooden baord and that seems to have helped...I don think I could handle standing on a desk, its too far up and Id be afraid it would break! It seems to work though, I got a consistant number the 5 times I stepped on so Im going with that. Good luck moving forward, at least now you know where you are and can move from there.
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Thumbs up

I'm new to 3FC but it already has helped me so much! I commend your bravery for coming back and saying you've made mistakes and youreready to commit to your goals again. I know about the "freshman 40" i came to college in 2000 at a lean 155 pounds and at the end of my 4 years was 190. I got sick and didnt finish school on time which made me gain more, worked at restaurants and bars adding more weight and i am here with you now at 201 making my FINAL ATTEMPT! you can do it. just make time stay focused and lean on us. im rooting for you!
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Jelbb!! what up baby!! I've missed you! So glad you're back -- now if you could dig up WastedThermos, Jana, and the various other sisters who have fallen.
I would love to write more but my kitten won't cooperate.

Good luck on restarting!

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