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Let me start this by saying that I haven't lost an ounce of boob through my entire journey.
I don't feel like I have an enourmous rack by any means, but they're.. wide? idk what it is. i wear a bigger cup size than one would think by looking at me. I've tried the cup size I would think I was -a C - and be popping out of it. I don't get it because I totally do not have that voloptous rack most women who wear my bra size have. I was wearing a 38D when I started losing weight. I haven't lost an inch off of my chest, but my ribcage is much smaller - I am now a 34E.
I don't have big boobs, but I definitely wear a big bra, lol.

I ended up at - They have a wide range of sizes, pretty bras, and some good stuff at decent prices. fredricks is great as well.
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Man I'm sooo jealous. My boobs are how I can tell I'm losing weight! Before I liked that part of my anatomy just fine, now they're shrinking quite rapidly. Even my best guy friend pointed it out to me on Saturday. We then discussed that yes even though we're friends he's a boy and not allowed to discuss the fact that my boobs are smaller. Stomach, legs, arms, face yes please tell me I'm looking better but don't point out the boob disappearing act!!
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See, I'm totally the different way! I'm an F/G cup (40 band) and I LOVE my boobies!! I don't want them to go anywhere!!!

I want to have a nice trim waist and a rack to make mouths drop!

But alas... with 36 pounds gone, I fear that some of it has come from The Twins. Even my brother commented!!!!! "Yeah, you're looking awesome Jen... but I think you lost some off your chest, uh oh!"

I want to keep my girls and lose the REST of the fat!!! I want big round fabulous boobies... not oranges in tube socks!!!! ack!
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omg i hate bra shopping!!
i have NO boobs, but still managed to be a big girl. i should be wearing a 42 B. - seriously!? i have managed to suck myself into 38B - and use strap lengtheners until i can get to something that stores cell! 38 c or d - much easier to find. ugh! i remember being a 32B.
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This is incredibly interesting!! When I was heaviest right after having my son I was wearing a 38-40 DD. ( Not that being preggo had anything to do with it, I wore a 38 DD for years!!) Now that I have lost over 40 lbs, I'm wearing a.........36 DD! So I need a smaller band size but the boobies are still the same size! I really don't know that I will lose much there even when I reach goal weight. At my ideal size I was a very full C, almost D. I hope to get there again!!
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My boobs look bigger now than when I was 75lbs heavier. I've lost many inches from my ribcage/back fat but I am still a DD/E (in UK sizes). I don't mind too much now but I am worried that DD/Es will look too matronly when I lose to goal.

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I'm right there with you, KateRN! I need to order my bras online because my size rarely exists in stores. I'm a 40B. No matter what I gain or lose, I have baseball boobs. I'm fine with them, in fact I quite love my boobs but still, what a pain in the you know what to find bras.

My suggestion for the OP and others is a store called Torrid. They're the plus-size division of a store called Hot Topic. I can't post links yet but you can Google "Torrid clothing" or such. And they sell some really cute bras and stuff; both online and off.
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