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Default It's funny how much getting some male attention can cheer you up

I've been sort of in limbo getting started loosing weight. I was doing respectable for awhile then have been VERY stressed with finishing up school and financial concerns about my education and finding a job when I finish etc. I put 10+ pounds back on and have just been feeling like a fat blob lately. I really don't want to go out, partially because I have so much work hanging over my head and partially because I don't want my friends to see how much weight I've gained. Right now the goal is to simply not gain any more for the next 3 weeks until the semester ends.

Anyway I've been kind of a hermit lately and the weather was Gorgeous today. As it was becomming dusk I decided to go for a walk on some back roads several blocks away from campus to make sure I don't run into anyone. So it's a Saturday night and I live in a college town. I have not showered in 3 days, had my hair pulled back, needed to brush my teeth (although the guys couldn't tell this), had no make up on (and my face was a little oily), was wearing a worn out sweat shirt, jeans and sneakers. As I'm walking these 2 guys (they were a little drunk, but were walking straight, this happened at 8:30 so it's not like 2:10 am as they're leaving a bar and looking for someone to bang) are on the other side of the road. One of them yells hello. I turn my head a little then keep walking. I walked about 2 blocks with these guys behind me and they kept trying to get my attention, I played it really cool and didn't look back again (maybe I would have if they asked me something besides just saying hey). Then as they were turning the corner away from me the guy yelled "are you sure you don't want to come with us". This happened at 8:30 pm so they were obviously going somewhere. If I wasn't such a mess and wasn't having confidence/anxiety issues I probably would have at least said hello to them, but it was SUCH a confidence boost.

I had been feeling so ugly lately and having some random guy on the street hit on me just made my day. Walking away like I thought I was above them was fun too. It really sort of put my current mindset into perspective, that even though I'm a little heavier than I normally am, I'm attractive enough to have a random drunk guy hit on me as I'm walking down the street.
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haha yes that can be uplifting in a weird way. i am generally disgusted at that kind of attention when i get it, but miss it when i don't get it...
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LOL I know what you mean. getting some attention from guys can be encouraging and makes me feel good too! I know some may think that's weird but it's definitely a confidence booster. Especially if you're in college cause the guys can be sort of superficial sometimes. So to get hit on is an awesome feeling-It can make your day
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