3FC 5K "race" this weekend!!!! (You know you wanna join up!)

  • That's right! The first annual 3FC "Do it any way you can!" 5K! There are categories for all, and new categories for those who need them

    Head on over to this thread:


    Read about it & join! 100 (and more if possible) 3FCers doing a 5k

    I'm a Semi-Elite-Virgin! As this will be the first time I'm walking for 5k around my neighborhood.
  • DF just got me a pedometer so if I join a race or not, I'm in!

    Colorado people- there are a few 5k's this weekend if you want an official race.
  • Faerie - I'm working on my shirt!
  • Quote: Faerie - I'm working on my shirt!
    Then I'm definitely stopping at the store tonight to make a nice one!
  • Faerie i'm already there in the hoping the weather is nice so i can do it outside but not holding my breath because of the rain/snow mix which we are suppose to have all week. YUCKY!!!!!!