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GOOD for you for walking, I wish more people would (when they can). My DH was born/raised in Holland where walking/biking is HUGE(!!!) and lots of people (like my inlaws) don't even have cars (FTR- if you think gas HERE is expensive.. OUCH.. about $7 there). So, we do walk where we can.. because he grew up with that mind frame, kwim? We have to gas up maybe every 3 weeks, not so bad. But, we do have a toddler.. so it'd be difficult to walk everywhere
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here we go again
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gas costs are ridiculous, good for you for walking! Its hard to do in my area, everything is so spread out and what stuff is close can be kinda dangerous in a lot of areas to walk to. There is a ton of traffic between where I work and the nearest grocery store (the intersection I'd have to walk through has a dozen lanes to cross...I'm not kidding), and my apartment is blocked on one side by a river, train tracks on another, and theres really not anything going the other ways. I guess I'm pretty lucky in that I have a pretty short commute to work (about 7 miles), and I just bought a new little car (scion xD) that is getting great gas mileage, I fill up every 2 weeks or so generally.
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Gas is expensive here in canada too. We've hit $1.23/L which is approx $4.92 a gallon. Unfortunately, I have to drive to work (my job requires that I drive) and I often buy 5 or 6 tanks of gas of month. Thankfully, I get a car allowance from my employer ($500 a month which is not taxed) and all my out of town gas is paid for (aprox 2-3 tanks a month).

Like everyone else I'm worried about summer.....

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I've had times where the pump shut off mid-way because I reached the stations limit per tank...which I guess was $70 But my tank wasn't full (I drive a big domestic non-gas friendly SUV) so I just had to re-swipe my card and keep filling. So ridiculous I spend at least $500 a month on gas. I remember in high school (in 2000) gas was down to .92. A $10 bill would get me a long way!

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I make a point of not walking to the grocery store or drug store (about 30 min roundtrip) anymore. It's "bonus" exercise, and I don't have to start the car. I have my canvas bags to carry my purchases home, and I pop on my headphones and enjoy it.

I find myself inventing reasons to go to the store just so I can go,'s just so relaxing to do.
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I paid $3.30 a gallon in PA today. That is the highest i have seen it since Hurricane Katrina when it hit $4.00 a gallon. When I got my first car in 1996 gas was only 0.83 a gallon i could fill my tank for $10 dollars. I know gas will probably never be that cheap again but spending $40 to fill a GrandAm just feels wrong. Thank goodness I get great gas mileage. It should last me about 10 days.
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Just spent 40 bucks on my full tank. Ouch, I have NEVER spent that much on gas ever.....I wish gas was cheaper like it was back then.
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It's up to $3.51 most places around here.

Last night I was on the phone with my grandmother, and she was saying "aren't the gas prices just awful?" and I told her I just pay it and try not to think much about it, since I'm already driving as little as possible. And she couldn't handle that, lol... she said "yes but isn't it infuriating?" Well... no... no use being distraught about something I can't do anything (more) about.

Now that the weather is getting nicer, I'll be walking even more... the bank, post office, and a small grocery store are all within walking distance when it's nice out, but nearly impossible to get to in the snow. And everything else (big grocery store, Target, fast food salads if I'm lazy ) are all on the way home from work! And work is only 10 miles away. So I'm not spending nearly as much as many people I know.
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Okay, I took your lead and have decided to WALK to Publix on my lunch break. Though I have my salad already at work with me for lunch, I need a few supplies from the store and decided to use my lunch break to go get them. I invited one of my co-workers that isn't wearing heels to come with me. She looked at me like I had three heads. "Why aren't you driving," she asked. "Because it's good exercise and it saves gas." Her response was basically that it'd be really hot (we live in FL) and it's just down the road (thinking it doesn't save on gas or something). Though she agreed to go in the end, she said she would not go if it was too hot. I guess I could go alone but I didn't want to because there's construction near the office. No biggie. I just think it's interesting because she could stand to lose weight (she's been on and off diets forever) like me and she drives an SUV like me so both points seemed like they would hit home with her but instead she acted like it was a really stupid thing to do!
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I remember when I first moved to GA, gas was 1.87 a gallon....a nice change from L.A. prices. But yes, gas now is a pain. Good thing I don't waste too much throughout the week. I can go a whole week on 30 bucks.

I really do wish I could bike to work, but for some reason where I live, they aren't too fond of sidewalks or bike lanes so I'd be really scared to be on a bike with all the crazy drivers I see out there.
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Originally Posted by Rosario View Post
I really do wish I could bike to work, but for some reason where I live, they aren't too fond of sidewalks or bike lanes so I'd be really scared to be on a bike with all the crazy drivers I see out there.
I think a lot of the US is like that. One coworker brought her bike down from Canada with her when she moved here thinking she'll get a chance to use it, but now she's sending it back home because it's too unsafe. I would feel unsafe as a lone biker on the road, and as a driver I feel nervous when I see a biker because I'm afraid I might hit them. Even as a pedestrian, I've had close calls with drivers not paying attention who don't expect pedestrians or are distracted on their cell phones. I usually try to make eye contact with the driver before I cross any streets. I didn't feel like this in NYC where there were at least 10 other pedestrians crossing the street with you so the cars were aware they would have to stop at the intersection for pedestrians.

yay Florida Native for walking to Publix! As I walked around the neighborhood today, gas was up 3 more cents since Monday - so that's 12 cents in 4 days. Ouch. I wonder if we'll be successful as a society in carpooling more and pushing more public-transport and bike safety plans forward if the cost of gas stays this way.

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