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trying hard!!!
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S/C/G: 180/173/130.. trying hard!!

Height: 5'0

Post road to success

So how has everyone being losing the weight. I am just looking for advice. I am just so sad about where I am. I can't even stand to look in the mirror. When my husband married me I was small. Now after I had my son, I blew up. I feel sorry for him to have to look at me now.....I just want some tips and advice.....thanks
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Aw, don't feel sorry for him.. he loves you no matter what, I'm sure.
Alas, I DO understand. I married my husband at 124 pounds.. and I'm in my 190's now! (and he's 150 lbs, soakin' wet). But, he could honestly care less that I gained weight .. in the physical sense of it. Meaning, he thinks I'm beautiful regardless. BUT, he DOES care that my health suffers (headaches, back aches, blood pressure, etc).. and he cares that I'm not happy. So, firstly... do it for you.. you matter the most.

I was 215 pounds in 2003 and lost 91 pounds, then married in 2004.. went through a stressful immigration process, got pregnant, etc.. and now I'm working it back off. Did it once, will again.

You'll find LOTS of different 'plans/ways of life' here.. so you need to find what works best for you. As far as I go, I'm doing it the same way I did the first time.. no plan persay. I eat in moderation, I up my fruits, veggies, water, whole grains, exercise. Eat when hungry. Stop when satesfied.

Only started a bit ago, so I have awhile to go. Stick around here, you'll love the support.
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I heart 3FC
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I count calories, because I find it to be the most straightforward (and the cheapest ). However, you should check out all the diet forums and see which one you think would work best for you.

P.S. That picture of you and your son is too cute!
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trying hard!!!
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S/C/G: 180/173/130.. trying hard!!

Height: 5'0


Thanks, that pic was taken a while ago. Thanks for the support. I am actually starting today.....Wish me luck. I always give up usually..Not this time though cause somethings got to give!! Thanks
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You can do this! Best of success with starting today! We're all behind you
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If *I* can do it, you can too! Much luck, just remember, you won't see changes overnight, if you have one bad day, KEEP GOING!!

By the way, you are gorgeous and I mean that. Your son is adorable too.
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Welcome to 3FC! You really should create a plan that works for you. Eating healthier foods, getting a little more exercise, eating smaller portions... that's usually enough to get the weight off. You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on weightloss supplements or fancy equipment or anything like that. You have a very handsome little young man there in your picture... you can incorporate him. Are you a SAHM? You could take him walking with you every day- go to the park and walk, play a makeshift woofle ball game with him, anything that's fun and gets you moving! Put on your favorite music when you are vacuuming and party it up! Vacuuming burns a lot of calories per hour, lol. Just take it in small steps. Paul McKenna has a new show on TLC, and he says naturally thin people take an average of 2000 steps more a day than obese people (who take like 4000 steps). All it takes is a 15 minute walk to equalize the difference. We wish you the best of luck. Keep us updated, post often, ask questions, and don't feel bad that your husband has to look at you... I am sure he loves you just the same no matter what size you are!
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Welcome! I'd have to agree with what everyone else is basically saying, just find out whatever works for you. Make it fun, enjoy what you're doing and you'll definitely keep with it. Getting a workout buddy or diet parnter might help too, someone to hold you accountable if you're worried about giving up too soon. I'm sure you'll get there, Good Luck!!!

P.S. your son is sooooooo cute!!!
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Welcome! You can do this!!
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