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CookieMonster416 03-31-2008 12:14 AM

Weekly Chat 3/31-4/6
Hey everybody! Sorry about being MIA this past week. I actually had my wisdom teeth pulled, which means I wasn't able to work out but on the other hand also wasn't really able to eat...

How was everybody's weekend? Mine obviously consisted of pain killers and pudding, I may never eat pudding again. I would do ANYTHING for an apple or some carrots.

You know what I realized, the days go by so slowly but the months go by so quickly. I can't believe it's already April! If only the weather was a bit better. In Chicago I hear we may still have snow coming, yuck.

vdaybaby 03-31-2008 03:19 AM

oh gawd! I hated getting my wisdom teeth pulled! I had to get all 4 pulled out at once...and I was in bed for 7 days straight because my stupid oral surgeon never gave me the lil squirty water thing to clean the holes out...so my holes were getting all irritated and stuff...

okay probably TMI
but whatever

HAHA! But yeah when I got mine removed I was so weak I had to drink ensure...the stuff for old people and babies...and then I ate a bunch of mashed potatoes from KFC...

CookieMonster416 03-31-2008 08:29 AM

Yikes! That's a big fear of mine is the dry sockets. He gave me te lil squirty thing but I haven't used it... I've been gargling with salt, hopefully that is enough.

RememberHowToSmile 03-31-2008 08:55 AM

Mine were easy but that is because they had already come most of the way in. I guess I have a big mouth.

I had an EDG on Friday which meant my weekend was full of soup and ice cream. I don’t know why my throat is so sore but it is killing me. (Although I think they might have took a biopsy in it which would explain why it is extra sore). I am hoping that it goes away in the next few days.

It is also incredibly cold in Michigan, I think there is a prediction of at least one more snow fall before it actually gets warm. We’ll see. And this is why I hate Michigan!!!

Erika79 03-31-2008 11:17 AM

Aw, I hope you feel better soon.
I live in upstate, ny.. we have snow, too! Ugh. We have a winter weather advisory for this morning.. it's almost April!

I had a good weekend! (even though I have a daughter going through her terrible 2's, ha ha).

Today has been good, I had weigh-in this morning and I was down 3.2 so that was exciting! Hubby has to work 'close' tonight, so I'm looking forward to some quiet and tv! lol

griffogrubb 03-31-2008 11:32 AM

Aww man, I remember those days...snow until may and june...uck. Hope you guys get some nice weather soon, those first few beautiful days of spring were always my favorite.
My weekend kinda sucked. It turns out my landlord wasn't making her payments to the bank so the bank's foreclosing on the property...I now have like 14 days to find a new place...blah. So I did that all day on saturday and worked saturday night and sunday morning. And then I have my practical this afternoon on the axial and appendicular skeleton...YEA!!!! Haha, life sucks.
Hope everyone's doing well, take care ladies

Shorty1985 03-31-2008 11:42 AM

Cookie monster- I'm from Iowa originally... so I hear ya on the cold. It's still pretty cold there right now... But thank god I live in Arizona now! :) Going to be in the 90's this week... And I'm sorry to hear about your wisdom teeth :hug:Eeek.. that sucks :( :(

Erika- Congrats on your weight loss. Every pound counts!! :carrot:

Griffogrubb- That sucks about having to find a new place.. Kind of last minute... but it will all work out :)

My update:

As you guys know.. I've started LA Weight Loss. I lost 2 pounds in two days... So I'm currently at like 170. It's soooooo cool to think that I'm going to be in the 160's really really soon. It seems like yesturday I was at 185. I'm so excited!!! I really had a bad weekend. So I know I didn't lose any weight, which sucks. I was all emotional about stupid things and didn't eat. I don't know why but when I get emotional- I don't eat all day. But I drank enough liquor for everyone on 3FC.. LOL But I'm over it and back on plan! LAWL isn't going to be happy to hear that I got off track...but it happens to everyone- so oh well... And that's about it for now! :) Will keep you guys all updated....:carrot::carrot:

shantroy 03-31-2008 12:11 PM

Hey all.

I was sick all weekend. Justed stuffed up and had a nasty sore throat. I still managed to get out and see an amazing production of Beauty and the Beast with my mom and a girlfriend and her mom. We had what I think was a good dinner, but I couldn't taste anything. I turned down the baked brie appy(my fav!) and the sweet potato fries as well and just ate some of my fish. I didn't make it to the gym, b/c I couldn't breathe all weekend but I'm feeling somewhat better today so hopefully 'll survive a workout this afternoon.
Yesterday, my mom showed up a my house with several bowls of chicken soup for me. It was really sweet.

I did a body fat and cardio assement with my trainer on thursday. I lost 1.5% body fat since feb. But I lost it all in my arms! Mainly my biceps! No change at all in the waist of lower body, tiny bit of change in the tricep and back but a huge change in the biceps. I guess with summer coming toned arms are a good thing, but c'mon sme change in the stomach and lower body would have been nice!!!!! Oh well, I'll take what I can get. In other news, my cardio has incresed by almost 35% since Oct. My trainer was super impressed. He's just wondering why my weight loss has stalled. So I haveta revamp my food plan. He wants me try to cut out a lot of processed carbs. No more wraps... :( Right now carbs are making up about 50-60% of my diet. Hopefully, if by changing that up, I'll see some changes on the scale.

I'm starting the month from **** this week; so I don't know how much I'l be around here. I'm constantly flying all over the place. I so worried about not getting over this cold with all the time I'll be spending on planes. Plus it's going to be tough eating out as much as I'm going to be, but I'll do my best....

Cookie Monster We got a huge dump of snow last night. I'm hoping that we'll be done with winter soon. I want to get out to mountains and do some hiking!

Griffogrubb Ouch that sucks big time. Hope you can find something soon. Good luck with your tests.

Shorty Glad LAWL is working for you!

Erika Enjoy your quiet time. It's such a wonderful thing....

Erika79 03-31-2008 12:12 PM

Good luck on LA Weight Loss!! I'm sorry you had a rough week-end, but it's over now!! :D And how absolutely exciting to be just a steppppp away from the 160's, it's always thrilling to get into another decade!

starofsorrow 03-31-2008 12:48 PM

Hiiii! Sorry for disappearing on y'all like that last week...I had a VERY rough week with an alcoholic father and trying to figure out how to plan an intervention for him and the like. The weekend was somewhat relaxing, I got to clean! Unfortunately....I came down with a VERY nasty case of allergies (Damn Texas!), so now I can't breathe, I'm hacking and coughing, I'm thirsty, I'm in a fog, ya know the drill. Hopefully the allergies will let up soon, because I can't afford to miss any more school!!!

Alexistrophic 03-31-2008 12:54 PM

Hello all!
I'm a new-ish twenty-something to the board. (Posted an intro back last July, but it might be time for a new one...)

I love the idea of having a weekly thread for support. Still trying to figure out the right plan for me, but hoping to gain insight from all y'all.

Happy (end of) Monday!

lovinlifex2 03-31-2008 01:54 PM

Happy Monday all...

I have been around, but not posting much here lately...work and kids are both keeping me VERY busy! We planned our big canoe trip for the end of June so now there is extra motivation knowing that I am going to be in a swimsuit soon. Other than that not much going on.

cookie - wisdom teeth out...ick! I remember that far too well - not fun. I did find that if you like chocolate cake you can make one of them and then put vanilla ice cream on it and let it melt. Makes like an applesauce consistency and reminds me of the molten choc cake from Chili's. Sorry for the food porn guys!

remember - you feel better soon too and good luck on nice weather. It is teasing us here in Kansas. One day it is 65 and the next 35.

erika - oh I remember the terribles. We breezed right through the 2's and I thought I might get lucky but then the 3's hit and whoa baby was it a ride. Hang in there!

griffogrubb - that is horrible about your landlord. I have a rental property that I got in the divorce and I can not imagine doing that to someone. Good luck finding a new place quickly.

shorty - good luck on the LAWL...I am sure you will do fabulous!

shantroy - wow...all my gals are falling apart. I wish you a speedy recover and I HATE it too when you can't taste food. Beauty and the Beast...I bet it was great. That is one of my daughters favorite movies.

- good luck with your dad.

Alexistrophic - welcome back. Good luck on finding a plan that will work for you.

I hope that everyone has a great week and gets to feeling better - ttfn!

RememberHowToSmile 03-31-2008 08:17 PM

I would post individual replies but I don’t have that much time, I got talked into going to Miami tomorrow. Life is crazy like that sometimes. I’m going for my internship again on another trip. Hopefully my sticking to my diet will be better this time. Well I’m off to pack.

kwoodslim 03-31-2008 09:05 PM

Hi everyone I'm somewhat of a lurker but I thought I'd step out of my comfort zone and say hello!!:wave:

Anywho my weekends was pretty blah I worked and slept a lot and I skipped my workouts...well somewhat. Needless to say I'm quite thankful that this past weekend is over and gone.

cookie monster wow that sucks. i just remember when my 9th grade biology teacher got her wisdom pulled and she came to class with chipmunk cheeks she was so swollen. I hope you heal up some soon hun!

griffogrubb I cant believed that happened to you. Is there anyway to get the payments that you paid back? I would be so :censored: out of luck if that happened to me. I dont think I could come up with the money to find somewhere new so soon. I wish you the best of luck.

shorty wish you the best of luck on LAWL. I'm really interested in hearing more about the program. I'm wondering if its like the quick weight loss program I did in HS.

To everyone else I hope you are all doing well.

shrinkinglizzy 04-01-2008 09:56 AM

Cookie – yikes, I managed to get by without getting mine pulled. Sounds like a horror, though…
Vday – new avatar? Lookin fab!! That sounds terrible about the wisdom teeth!
Remember – Another sickie! Good luck with the sore throat…
Erika – yay good weigh in!! :goodscale:
Griff – whoa that is bunk about your place! What a screw!
Tiffany – back on the wagon!! Me too!!
Shan – haha sorry to hear that that fat your losing is from your biceps and not your tummy! Better than nothing, though! And by the way, because we were at the same weight, I did notice that your numbers hadn’t moved, but good for you for not getting frustrated! I haven’t noticed one post from you b*tching about the stalled scale! Good luck with the diet change. By the way, how are things with your boyfriend? I remember he was struggling quite a bit…
Stars – whoa talk about an emotional week! Good luck with those allergies. I can TOTALLY relate (picture me surrounded by tissues right now!)
Alex -- :welcome2:
Lovin – whoof your canoe trip plans just kicked me in the butt, too! Swimsuits!
Remember – stay strong, gir!!
Kwoods – I’m with you on saying goodbye to the weekend. Back to the gym today!! Ain’t no stopping me now!

As for me, I had a ridiculous weekend that was fun mixed with guilt over the drinks and the ciggies and the pizza, but all in all, it was fun. Weigh in day was yesterday and it was up a half lb, but today down 1.5 since yesterday, so I'm using today's weigh in to up my confidence!!

So, today I gotsta get back to the gym. 5K coming up in a few weeks! AGH! Scary! At least the weather is warmer today in Boston. Not sunny, but at least warm.


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