3/28/08: new and looking for buddies!

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  • Hi! i'm a 22 year old future teacher from l.a. i've decided to take control of my life, because i realized that i was using my weight as a safety blanket for not taking any risks!

    i started lindora on 3/14/08 and have lost 15 since. My long term goal is to lose 100. i'm not really setting a time schedule for myself, as long as i don't cheat. i've started plans before and cheated and then have just given up!

    anyone else starting around now? let's be buddies! we can post mini-updates here just to keep eachother going!

    i hate feeling like i'm doing this alone, and i figure you guys might feel the same way.
  • Welcome! I got super excited that you started on Pi Day... haha. I'm a dork. Anyways.

    I'm sure you'll love it here. I visit this site as much as I check my email!! There's so much support, and I've learned a lot about taking care of myself here. I hope you will too!!

  • I also just started and this site has been very helpful. So many great people and really inspiring stories. I have a long way to go but I know I'll be able to do it and so will you. Hit me up if you ever need to chat!!

    :goo dluck:
  • What is Lindora
    I'm curious--and I hope I am spelling this correctly--What is Lindora?
  • Welcome!
  • Welcome! I was curious about what Lindora was too!
  • Welcome!! You will LOVE it here
  • Welcome Jayohwhy! I'm 21 college student, possible future teacher.
    for those who are asking, I think Lindora is like a program that helps you lose weight. I think theyre only located in some states like here in California?? I think they measure you, weigh you, all that good stuff, and then set you up on a diet plan and follow your progress. Again, this is what I think it Lindora is from the commercials I see, but Im not positive.
  • hi all!

    yeah, lindora one of those "medical weight loss" groups that exist here in southern california. what they do is that they start you on their diet using ketosis for weight loss [similar to atkins, but instead of no carb, it's low carb, low cal]. they have their own diet regiment and then they have these sticks that you pee on to see if you are in ketosis [i.e. burning fat].
  • oy.

    today is day 15 and despite good results, i'm getting restless. its like i want it all right now and it's not coming. ugh!
  • I know how you feel. I get so impatient sometimes but I just try to remember that as long as I keep eating on plan and exercising the weight will fall off!
  • weighed in today, and am down 2 since the weekend, leaving me to have lost 17 lbs in three weeks..

    how are all you guys' diets going?
  • I'm starting today!
    I am looking for friends too! I want to lose 50 pounds. I know that encouragement is very helpful in the very hard challenge! I am here for you buddy!
  • aww, you guys are great..

    hi hischild! how are things going with you?
  • I am blessed! Today is day 2, going great! How is your day?