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ur gettin' schooled, son.
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Oh wow, your daughter is very pretty!
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LOL!! Thank you. I think so too!
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Me and my boo (bad picture of me, hot picture of him.) No relation to my weight loss efforts, it was taken about a year and a half ago, when I was around my current weight.

A note I found scribbled on the back of a receipt... My granddad always calls him "that little guy" because 1) he can't remember his name, and 2) he thinks Matt is shorter than me (he is, but just by a smidge). I framed it and hung it in my office. I'm so sappy!
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The Pink Champagne
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Hope you all don't mind if I crash this thread! I loooove pictures too!

I have a cute set of me and the BF.

At our first "date" in March of 2005, my sorority formal. We dated for 2 months and then broke up because of distance.

And another

Fast forward 2 1/2 years later...we'd dated other people and then came to our senses and have been together almost 2 months now! This is before a wedding in December:

And just a couple of weeks ago:
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It's on like donkey kong!
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I don't know how to put pictures in the messages...
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To post big pictures, click the little mountain-looking button and put in the URL to your pictures. If you dont have a picture-host, click GoAdvanced and click on the little paper-clip button and you can upload files that way and attach them to your messages. After you upload them, you close that window, click the paper clip again and it will let you pick which ones you want to add. That's how some are shown as thumbnails, liiike:






Thats me, and my two adopted (because they are my roommates and my boyfriends) kitties.
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This thread is great! Everyone is so pretty, all of the couples look so happy and the children are ADORABLE!!!!

Me at a Chicago Bears game:

Me and the Ex:

New Year's Eve:

I am in the middle:

The boys:
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Mickey! I think the napkin thing is stinkin' adorable. That is so something I would do!

SlimmingDown: You're gorgeous! As soon as I saw the two cats, I wanted to make up some kind of icanhascheezburger caption to go with them...
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Angelina/Gerard is Love
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I'm feeling left out so I'm raiding my mama's picture files.

R.I.P Pooh Bear! We lost her last year after almost thirteen years. Love her so much and miss her everyday. She was the best!

This is my mama's demon child, Blackfoot. As spoiled and stuck up as they come! (alot of animosity between us as you see LOL)

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Angelina/Gerard is Love
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This is a (not very good) pic of me and my friends (except the dude). From left: Sunshine, Kittie, Nikki (BFF), and Sarah. This was at Nikki's wedding a little over a year ago. I am the one to the far right, the one not dressed up and not really smiling. I didn't want to be there and wasn't going to go cause I knew the guy was just worthless but went cause Nik is my best friend. Less than a year later, guess who's getting a divorce?

BTW, ALL of them (except Sarah) have lost weight since this was taken.
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is baaaad to the bone!
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Me..this morning...getting my chin back! Yay!
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Weight Loss; Control Gain
Thread Starter
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awesome pics ladies, love the one of sky diving!
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Hot Mama
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me in july

me yesterday with lil man in the swing

mommys rear end from the perspective of a 2 1/2 yr old

this was my cat now she disowned me for mil
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Mango Empress
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Here's one of my grandma at my wedding. She's a trooper

and here's one of me singing for my old band Chamber Law in 06
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I deserve to feel good!
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My cat cyrus

My dog Chinook with the kitty

Me sitting on the edge of the grand canyon (photo taken Memorial Day of 2007)

My new haircut, i've never had bangs before!

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