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Jewel You don't have 5 pin bowling in the states!?! I grew up playing five pin, it's way better than 10 pin!

Here are some of my pix. I've never posted photos before so I'm not sure how this is going to turn out. I'm doing them as attachments rather than links.

Me doing some sudo rock climbing on a 3 day 3 night backpacking trip my girlfriends and I did last summer.
rock climbing.jpg
Me and a girlfriend at a feista in the town we were volunteering in, in costa rica. I have the flower in my hair.
me and petr.jpg
My best friend and I at the 20th bday party it was a costume party. I'm wearing the top hat.
me and laura.jpg
Chillin' at the hot springs in Panama.
hot springs.jpg
Me (at my lowest wieght), goofing off on Canada Day
canada day.jpg
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My Family:

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Taking life by the horns
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So yeah--- that photo of me (not working through the first link--- at least for me)

Anyhow--- the bizarre thing about that photo from 5 years ago--- I had lost 35 pounds the summer before to get to that weight. I was going on a date to this goth club w/ a guy I met online...

It's a perfect story about how your brain doesn't realize you're thin b/c it's so used to thinking of yourself as fat for so long....

We went to this club on Halloween and the club owner (who I had heard about through friends--- he is a MAJOR player and sleeps with tons of hot chicks) was checking IDs at the door. I came in, feeling all self-conscious and out of place (I'm not goth, I was playing one for Halloween and breaching on their territory!) and this guy, who gets so much as$... he looks at me and is like "whoa baby! Who's this tall drink of water?"

I laughed it off and then he's like "You're not really that tall, are you? Take off your boots, I don't believe you" So I literally am standing there, bootless, in the front of this goth club, while man-whore here eyes me up and down like I'm eye candy or something!

I was shocked and I was fighting the urge to think that he was making fun of me when I realized, no... he really was liking what he saw. That was really a first (and only) for me...

Sadly, I gained TONS more weight... but I would love to be back there someday... heck, maybe as soon as a year!

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Me an' my animals... Cleo and Bean
Me on my first day in Ireland this summer!
My tool of a brother, decked out in his costume for a "CEOs and Office Hoes" party...
My dog Bean, trying to be cute...
Myself, second from left, out with some friends.
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rachel - thanks so much for sharing. im so very sorry to hear about your loss. Lincoln is beautiful!

cassie- your babies are adorable!

everyone else - looking good!
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I just need motivation.
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Me and Heather at the Melting Pot for our 1 year anniversary. That was probably close to my highest weight. Maybe even a few lbs lower. (I AM SO GROSSED OUT BY THIS) but it shows me what I was and what I never want to be again.

This was us in November back in our college town.

This was Christmas the apron? I was rockin it! I was making party snacks and drinking spiked cider! haha.

This is me (on the right in the green) with my supervisor on the left and the mayor of Greensboro, NC in the middle on MLK Day. So this was like what, last week? I was feeling bloated that day hahah.

**Good thing is, I've lost like 4 lbs since then ***

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Here's the haircut I got last night I'm totally loving it.

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I take pictures of everyyyythinggg. Here's the people-pictures I can find right now.






Me & my bf & our chunkybutt cat of love, moneen & me & my best @ my current weight a few months ago

And suite - I love your hair cut!!

Oh, AAAAND... I'd like to add.. I knew the 20-somethings board was cute, but I didn't realize you guys were all THIS cute.

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Me and my little boy, Clay, kicking around a soccer ball at the park. This is my most recent picture taken last Sunday.

My hubby and Clay...this was taken in Aug. 2007.

Family picture taken in Nov. 2007
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is baaaad to the bone!
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SuiteJudy - love the new looks fab!

Wasted - you have a gorgeous smile!
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Weight Loss; Control Gain
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My Books for my US Customs Brokerage Exam:

Oh, yeah, and my teacher gave us a 1.5" thick binder full more to read this week.
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Work it!
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Judy - I love the haircut as well!

Everyone is so cute!! Here's a pic of me 'n Buddha taken at X-mas with my new digi SLR.
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me last summer on holiday

my cute kitten zen, although hes bigger then that now!

my yummy man

me at a christmas party :-)
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is baaaad to the bone!
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Wowza! I went skydiving this weekend! Amazing!

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holy cow that looks fun and scary...i wouldet know wether to scream or laugh
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