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dizzysoi - Hah! What a funny picture! I love those things... My mom would never let me go on them when I was a kid, and now I feel like I'm too old to ride one without looking silly and/or potentially breaking it with my weight. Maybe I should take a leaf out of your book and do it anyways, LOL.

QTestRDH - OMG, I love love love the picture of you and your boyfriend! That is quite possibly the funniest costume idea ever, and you look sooo pretty! Your boyfriend looks like a cutie, too, hehe. Oh, and I love the kitty picture. I have such a soft spot for cute animals.

OnlyWomanInThisHouse - Holy crap, your kids are absolutely flippin' adorable. Just look at those big, beautiful blue eyes--they're going to be such heartbreakers someday, LOL! And of course I can see that they get their good looks from their mama... You have such pretty eyes, too!

Lackie - Awww, another cute animal picture! In my eyes, you really cannot go wrong with a picture of a fuzzy little curled-up sleeping puppy, hehe. Sooo cute. And I can definitely see why you love that picture of you and your boyfriend--you look so radiant!

My sister has been snapping random pictures over the course of my Winter break, and she finally got around to posting some of them today. My current favorite pictures of myself:

Me, my sister, and a group of our mutual friends right after we went to church on Christmas Eve (I'm generally a heathen, but my semi-Catholic upbringing always makes me feel obligated to go to church on Christmas Eve, LOL). I'm in the saucy red little number. I hope I don't sound vain, but I am so in love with this picture of me, hehe. I can't stop staring at my waist and my butt!

My sister and I, later that night. In our family, it's always been a tradition for us "kids" to get new pajamas on Christmas Eve, so we forced our brother to take a picture of us in order to show them off. The glass of 'nog was totally improvised, but I think it adds a nice touch, LOL! It makes me happy that I actually don't hate this picture, even though I'm in pj's and have no make-up on, etc... I think it's cute.

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Star2be- Thanks for the compliment, made me blush!! ....and girl, you should be starring at that picture! You look so amazing!! I know I told you before, but your transformation is outta this world! and you're not even at your goal! ...oh and me and my sister always used to get new pj's Christmas eve too! Now I do that tradition with my bf!
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Are we there yet????
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meredith you look smokin hot in that dress.
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Are we there yet????
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Me and my darling (almost) one year old son James. I can't believe I'm mailing the invites to his birthday party already.
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One day at a time...
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You all look wonderful!! James is a cutie!

Turning 1 is so bittersweet.
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Meredith you and your sister look ADORABLE!!

Leigish : i cannot believe how skinny you look! i mean look at your face!

Onlywomaninthehouse: your oldest son and my son are exactly only 2 months apart!
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Meredith Thank you, but I'm pretty sure it was the flash. I am so choosing what you say over that though. lol And I love your p.j.s they are too cute. It's not a bad thing in the world to find out you love to look at yourself! You do look GORGEOUS.

leighish You do look so thin in your face. Also they seem to grow up fast huh? I'm glad that you are so close to goal!
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I always like to put names with faces so figured I should share mine too Heres me, DH, Laina, and Will.

And some better ones of the kids


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So adorable!
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Here's my before and after pics, I'm at goal weight in before So that's what I hope to be my after picture by the end of the year
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Default Me

Ok photos of me my hubby my "brother" Justin my Bunny Lilly and my little boy Cloud! My name is Rebecca I'm 23. I live in Arizona I have been married almost 3 years to a wonderful man! I hope to lose over 100lbs. =) and with out further ado here i am.
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not sure if two many people read this thread anymore but i finally worked out how to add photos!

This photo is of me and my friends about a year ago now!! i am the one on the far right on the bottom row.we were being silly pretending we were in a school photo.

this next one is me and my friends having dinner at my farm house one weekend ! (im sorta in the middle of the photo)

And then this one is me in Beijing at the paralympic games holding the torch!
My brother was in the paralympic games for tandem cycling (cos he is blind) and got a bronze medal!!

this is my family excluding my dad who took the photo- on my sisters formal night. About 1 1/2 yrs ago now!

and last me and my friends at a birthday party this weekend gone!
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Battling the Inches
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Default Caffeine

I usually do not drink any caffeine, if any, a little in tea....but this past holiday we recieved a coffee maker, so I had to try one cup :P And this is what happened...

Im the one on the left with the bright red dress... saying goodbye to my best friend who was moving back to Brazil ;_;

Me and my Dear Husband in South Beach (not on the sb diet!! haha)
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Default guys have inspired me to try and post pics and i've FINALLY reached the 25 post threshold...

i'm uploading them as attachments. not sure how this is gonna work or what order they'll be in, but one is me (i'm the asian) at a wedding last summer at my heaviest, prob around 180 lbs. ugh. basically i feel like i look like a beached whale. this is one of the pics that was part of the inspiration to get serious about this. (the second part was actually being weighed at the gyn. horrifying.)

the second is me probably midway on my journey to my top weight. i'm probably around upper 150s here. note the muffin tops.

and lastly, the last is me at my high school graduation, ten years ago. this is the closest pic i have of me at my goal weight. i'm prob around 135-140 here.

i think i've been deluding myself for years because people always said that i carried my weight well and seemed surprised when i divulged my true weight, but i suspect now maybe they were just being polite.
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Can't wait till 170
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I don't know my weight here..because I just got back on the wagon and am going to wait one more week to weigh but the last time I weighed on 12-Jan-09, it was 178.8.. This dress showed all my tummy really of those "showing every detail of body" sweater know? But I wore it this morning and it actually didnt look that bad!
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