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Question What do you wear when you exercise? Beginner in fitness here- I need help!

Alright, I am new to 3FC and I am new to exercise as well. To put that in perspective I made a 38- yes you read correctly a 38/F in 8th grade gym class.(never dressed out or participated) I never have really exercised or watched what I ate. I am now 169 lbs and I would like to lose about 54 lbs to get to my goal weight of 115 (I am 5'0") I bought a treadmill last week and so far have walked 3 days for an hour each (trying to up that number) I realized quickly if you have big thighs then shorts are not the way to go due to rubbing together of the legs- ugh lol. I tried my pj pants and some sweat pants both are which are terribly hot even with the a/c and the ceiling fan going. I bought an outfit online that is some kind of slick feeling material for "slicking away sweat" so I am going to try that here in a minute and I will post what happened with that. Anyway the question is: What do you wear when YOU work out?? Thanks everyone ahead of time and good luck with your weight loss goals!

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I wear workout clothes from target Comfy, stretchy things that are slightly clingy so they don't get in the way. Usually for any high-intensity cardio I wear shorts, for anything else it's pants.
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Chub rub! I never wear shorts to exercise because of it. I always wear Old Navy yoga pants. They sit low on the waist and have a flare at the bottom so even though they are kind of fitted, they don't give the "carrot"-leg effect. Even running or kickboxing, I don't get too hot. But, I've never been a shorts-person so I guess I'm used to wearing pants for everything.

Then, tshirts or tank tops if I'm feel especially buff that day.

I don't spend a ton of money on work out clothes, but I do like to feel half-way attractive looking.
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I also wear Old Navy yoga pants. I can't tell you the number I have gone through. I even got a fleece pair for Christmas that I wear to walk my dogs when it is cold out! And I usually wear an old tee shirt and sometimes a thin sweatshirt as well.
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I shop mostly at target for workout clothes - but because pants can get hot...I aim to get capri pants...they sell them in different styles at target....and I don't like shorts....soo..they are a nice inbetween.
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I can't tell about brands, since I don't live in the same country, but I bought my outfits in sportswear stores, so that I can try them first and see if they're convenient. My sweatpants are of cotton + stretchy material, and long, so that it doesn't rub nor sticks too much when I'm sweaty. As for the tops, usually whatever T-shirt will do, same type of material, although I prefer short and sleeveless (I'm the queen of accidentally sticking any long part in a Nautilus machine or in doors or whatever -_-).
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at first I just used to wear t-shirts and just cotton jogging bottoms. I've been moving over to more vest tops and running legging things - really like the three quarter length ones (hah they make my legs look half decent!) and because they're next to the skin there's no material to get hootched up etc
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I used to wear Old Navy yoga pants for everything! I'm also one of those that wears pants all the time though. I hate shorts. If it is hot outside I had 2 pair of shorts from Walmart. Danskin I think. I only wear them because they have that cute little pocket for an ipod or mp3 player on the backside. Took me forever to find out it was there. Now I wear yoga pants that I found at Sam's Club. They have the fold over waistband that is really comfy! I usually wear sports bras and mossimo tees from target. I used to have a pair of danskin stretchy shiny yoga-ish pants but they got too small......when I was pregnant. I haven't found any like them since. They were my favorite because I could wear them out in town too.
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I also wear the capri stayle pants. They are perfect for any activity. Because I also chose to run/walk for exercise the majority of the time I was fitted for the proper shoe and got socks designed specifically for running activity, to avoid icky blisters. Also, word of advice, invest in a bottle of powder to avoid chaffing.
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I'm with a lot of folks on here. I wear capri (although I think I have more of a "half pant style") yoga pant as well as regular length yoga pants. Or just any sort of stretchy workout material pant. I hate the thigh rubbing too.
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Gotta agree with the capri ladies on here :-) I also get hot and gross when I wear long pants one hte treadmill or eliptical however I'm only 5'2'' (I understand the shortness) and do have a hard time finding them that aren't too long. If capris are something you might want to try (and I'm not sure where you live and have around) I've only ever been able to find short enough ones at target and debs (teenish store... but they have lots of sizes and are pretty cheap), sometimes I can find more expensive ones at sporting store but I think I've tried one over 100 pairs of capri in my hunts.... so now if I ever find any short enough I buy two and stock up :-)
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Hi! I used to wear whatever PJ pants I had lying around - usually not form fitting and cotton, so I would get hot and sweaty and feel really icky. I never wear shorts either because of the thigh rubbing. BUT - I have lately starting running a little bit on my treadmill, and have invested in a few pairs of stretchy, more form fitting capris, and longer shorts that go almost to the knees. I don't really like the way the form fitting capris/shorts make the flab on my tummy stand out, but they are very comfortable, and don't ride up when doing cardio. I usually just wear a t-shirt or tank top on top.
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I don't know if you guys have "Lululemons" in the States, they're just stores with TONS of workout clothes. I adore going there because they have every kind of yoga/track/workout pant in existence.

I too have the dreaded thighs-touching dilemma, and as a result of that I tend to wear stretchy black yoga pants that shield my legs from friction. The great thing about finding a store that specializes in workout gear is that they normally have a ton of different STYLES, so I was able to find a stretchy black capri workout pant with a flare in the leg to avoid (as someone else so entertainingly called it--) "carrot leg".

Of course, if you're just chilling at home and aren't too worried about aesthetics, you can really find any kind of functional pair of PJ pants or stretchy capris at somewhere like Old Navy or Walmart like others have suggested.

Good luck!!
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Like a few of the ladies on here I also wear Old Navy yoga pants and t-shirts when I work out. Just wear whatever makes your comfy BUT make sure you have good shoes!!! I'd say that's the most important element.
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Knit shorts (long) that go about half-way to my knee (bought at Wally World last summer), a Champion sports bra and Danskin or Champion tops (bought on clearance at Meijer). If I am doing "mat" work, I wear leggings instead of the shorts.
Note: I do all of my exercise at home, not in a gym; so I dress for comfort rather than "style".
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