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Angry Plateau FRUSTRATION! :(

I haven't lost anything for about two weeks. I have been sticking to my plan, with the exception of skipping the gym once or twice. I was steadily losing 2-3 lbs/week.

I know I'm not alone, and there are probably a ton of threads regarding beating the dreaded plateau, but does anyone have advice to offer me? I have decided to try calorie zig-zagging (before I was on a low-cal plan of 1200-1400 a day), and centering my "average" around 1500 or so. I weigh 240 right now, so I think I should still be able to lose steadily at that.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for any advice you can give me!
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Smile Those Darn Plateaus

I found this article. It might help you with those darn plateaus...Enjoy

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come on!

I have been sticking to my plan, with the exception of skipping the gym once or twice. I was steadily losing 2-3 lbs/week.

no plateau for you

dieting stops u gaining weight,

exercise burns the weight uve got..

soonas u stop exercising ur gona stopp loosing, but the diet is doing its job keeping you there

hoep u dont think that was nasty (it sounded it when i read it back) jsut thought u needed the encorragement, make those gym visit and u'll see it pick up again im sure esspecially since uve kept to the diet all the time uve been stuck at the psuado plataeu (go you )

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After abou 25 pounds of weight loss I hit a plateau for over a month. The calorie zig zag eventually worked for me - but I had to stick with it for weeks. I feel your pain it was so discouraging - but when weight loss starts again it is worth it (even though weight loss has been slower since that time). Still I am not gaining
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First off, no need to panic -- I really don't think two weeks is anything to worry about! I've had several times in my weight-loss journey where I don't drop for 2-3 weeks, and suddenly lose 4 pounds (probably because I was retaining water weight). I bet you that in the next week or two you'll notice a drop.

Besides, sometimes our body just likes to hang out at a certain weight for awhile before it drops. My body slowed to a crawl between 170 and 172 lb for NO GOOD REASON...aughh, it was so frustrating! But once I got past that hump, I started losing very quickly again. The weight you're at right now might just be a hump for you.

Keep at it! You will see results. Good luck!
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8mickey2, have you been drinking your water? Last time I had a bit of plateau, it broke as soon as I started drinking my water again.
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I've heard of many people finding relief from a plateau by Zig-Zagging calories... there are many online tools for giving you set numbers for daily intake ... swithing up your exercise routine could help ... also extreme ... but good ... is the equivalent to the fatsmash diet phase 1 simply consuming ... only fruits, veggies, and water, oats, and for a few days for cleansing and to shock your system ... I've never heard of people hitting plats above 200 ... this is quite different ... and probably a new fear for me ... ... keep up the good work... it has to break eventually!
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eat fiber, watch sodium, drink water. watch sugar intake. eat raw (fruits and veggies, not bleeding meat )
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