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Default Monday Planning October 1

b - latte and oatmeal (350)
s- tj buchaneer booty (aka pirate) (120)
l - bonless pork chop wrappend in 1 sl bacon, *green* beans w/black bean stirfry sauce, mushrooms, onions (350 - didnt eat all of it)
s- tea, candy, date (100)
d - going over to friends house... am going to try to keep it to one (max 2) glasses of vino, skip cheese and crackers and have ONE peice of pizza. got to skip the alc cuz they just have beer and i dont like it... so had a handful of chips (200) and a slice (300)

total - 1420

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Breakfast - 2 whole egg, 1 egg white omlette with sauted mushroom and 1 slice wholegrain toast

Lunch - 2 apples, strawberries, 200gm no fat yoghurt

Snack - homemade banana muffin (125 cal)

Dinner - Salad (mixed leaves, cannelini beans, tomato, capsicum, carrot, cucumber, shallot, cheese and snow peas) with olives and quarter small avocado with 100gm mixed seafood grilled
- 1 malibu with coke zero mixer

Exercise - 1 hour body combat

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starting my apples & applejuice cleanse today!

wish me luck!

yea, the whole apples thing didn't work out at all. i will either have the $2 6inch sub from subway for lunch or i'll have chicken breast with two tortillas and salsa.

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B-- 1 piece homemade banana bread, 1/2 tbsp ICBINB, 1/4 tbsp honey, 1 c seedless grapes
S-- natural applesauce w/ Splenda
L-- 1 c steamed broccoli, 1 Flat-out wrap, 1/2 c classico tomato sauce, 1/4 c mozz cheese, 1 slice 97% FF deli ham
S-- 1 c Fiber One raisin bran, 1/4 c milk
D-- Not sure yet-- possibly 2 oz grilled chicken breast, 2 slices lite bread, 1 tbsp mayo, 2 c fresh spinach, 1/8 c crumbly bleu cheese, 1 tbsp lite salad dressing
S-- Popsicle

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Default I want this...bad!

This month I am gonna make it count!

Monday, October 1st

Breakfast-Pack of Peanuts 200 cal/15 g Fat/9 g Protein/4 g Fiber
Pumpkin Muffin 225 cal/4 g Fat/3 g Protein/2 g Fiber

Lunch-Lean Cuisine Pepperoni Pizza 280 cal/8 g Fat/9 g Protein/3 g Fiber

Dinner-1/2 cup of Beef Tips, 1/2 cup mashed potatoes ~ 600 Calories
3 mozzerella cheese sticks 190 cal/10 g Fat/4 g Protein/2 g Fiber

Total: 1495 calories

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B - Meal replacement shake, cup of tea (220)
S - Apple and babybel cheese (100)
L - Hormel compleats, carrots, yogurt, snack pack cookies (360)
S - Almonds & raisins (200)
D - ?? (Forgot to think about dinner ... will probably have to grab a sandwich from the snack bar).

Without dinner = approx 880 calories. Will aim to get 1500.

Water - Aim to drink at least 3 bottles, preferably more as they are only 2.5L all together and I need to drink at least 3.5L a day for my height/weight.

Exercise - 30 mins weight lifting, 30 mins cardio and bellydancing.
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I decided it was time to update my ticker and show the gain that I have time to get my butt in gear.

B - Simple Harvest Multi Grain Hot cereal, bananna
L - homemade vegetable soup, reduced fat wheat thins, cottage cheese
S - kashi bar, apples and grapes
D - 2 burittos and steamed cauliflower

E - 30 min on treadmill
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B: vitatop bluebran & black coffee
S: black tea & yoplait light blackberry yogurt
L: PB&J on lo-cal whole wheat bread
S: orange & 1 serving low-sodium V8
D: I think this will be the chicken pita pocket
S: light string cheese
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B- two tsp with greek yogurt and the last of the blueberries, some flax seed and honey, and a peice of raisin date nut toast.
S - Fiber and Omega supplements. uck, fish burps!
L - fruit salad and a cup of Superfood juice - yeah, im probably gonna be starving later.
EDIT: Totally starving. oh god.
S - a very small handful of trailmix (walnuts raisins dates peanuts almonds, unsalted)
S- A small cup of vegetarian lentil soup at the grocery store to keep from passing out on the way home

D - chicken fajitas - basalmic bell peppers and onions, chicken breast strips sauteed in very little olive oil, two corn tortillas.

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At this point it is more accountability but still I'm posting:

B: Smart Start and Milk
L: Ham Sandwich on Whole Wheat bread, slice of cheese, yorgut, and grapes
S: Goldfish Crackers
D: Baked pork chop and speghetti squash
S: Sugar Free Banana muffin
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