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Default Miss me? =x

Haven't fallen off the bandwagon, exactly... just stumbled a bit.

For those of you who dont know me *waves* Hi! Im Fae. 22 years old, started last August, and at my lowest (rght before my birthday, last April *cringe*) I had lost 51 of my 80 lb goal. I havent changed my ticker in a while... need to step on the darn scale tomorrow. but I believe I am somewhere in the mid 170's.

My issue now? Lots of stress, and no time. I work one full time job, and one part time job, and I am a full time college student. I have fallen into the bad habit of not eating for most of the day, and then binging right before bed. I got a car and my driver's lisence, so Im not longer walking multiple miles a day. And exercise? Yea. Haven't done any of that in a while. And *cringing more* Ive fallen back onto my favorite crutch, cigarettes, for times of stress.

This is not who I want to be. This is not what I am.

Im starting anew in the morning... Ive got healthy foods in the fridge, Im out of soda (even though I only drink diet sodas). Working on step one, eating right... and Ive decided to pick up a starter pack of Alli to help me. Now, I wouldn't normally use a pill, but I know Alli is tested and FDA approved, and Im not looking for it to take lbs off... Im using it to help me keep in the mindset of "Ok, I need to eat correctly." Once I get my binging under control, I can work on fitting in more physical movement.

And of course, if I seriously want to do it... I need to return here. You ladies have been wonderful support, and I know I cant do it without you!

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it's always something
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Welcome back
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Fae! Welcome back; you've been missed!

I'm glad to hear you're getting back on plan and I can't wait to cheer you on to your goal.
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Welcome back Fae. You really seem to have a lot on your plate (no pun intended) with school and work... I hope these things will still let you take a breather now and then, and take care of yourself.
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Doing it for my future!!!
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Welcome back Fae!!! Good Luck!
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Welcome Back!!
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Hi Fae - I'm freddy. Nice to meet you and welcome back. Sounds like you know what your plan of attack is so all I will say is good luck!
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Welcome back! Of course I remember you! I am glade you are back. Best of luck!
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back at it
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Hi Fae, welcome back!! Just came back myself a couple weeks ago, and man does it help
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