Hi, I'm new :)

  • Hi Everyone. I just recently discovered this site and have been browsing/reading for a few days and am really impressed with the motivation you all give one another I am 21 years old and moved down to Orlando one year ago this month. I am currently a junior studying Event Management. I started doing WW 4 months ago at an at work program and am getting frustrated as my weight loss is slowing WAAAY down as it goes on. I think starting on this site will hopefully provide the motivation I need at this stage!
    Anyone else doing CORE on WW?
  • hi welcome! i did ww a while back so am familar with it but am not currently on it....

    if you are at a plateau have you tried shaking up your routine? (exercise and eating?) aiming for lower carb, more cardio etc? also caffine does temporarly boost your metabolism so i have had a trainer suggest an extra cup of coffee a day when you are trying to get over a hump (that might be controversial here, dunno) also i know some people add up their total pts for the week (ie if you get 20 a day, 20 *7 = 140. then they split them unequally back throughout the week. for example M=18, t= 24, w- 18, t= 20, fri= 22, s=18, s=20. that way you still hit 140 (if i did my math right) and the long term calories in- calories expended will result in the deficit you need to lose weight but you will challenge your metabolism to process different amounts each day so it doesnt get lazy and just stick at one speed.)

    anyway HI sorry for the long hello. im sure the others will have even better suggestions for you!
  • Welcome to the site. I don't know about core, but I do know a lot about slow weight loss. I find that if I'm not drinking my 8 glasses of water a day, my weight loss slows waaay down.

    You are half way there! Keep going!
  • Welcome. I did weight watchers about 3 years ago and I am back counting points (no meetings though, trying to save a bit of money)
    When I was attending meetings it was when they introduced the core plan and the leader of my meetings recommended switching to the flex plan for a couple of weeks just to mix things up and then go back to the core plan.
    I know myself I have really good weeks and then about 3 or 4 weeks in a row where I gain a little or stay the same. Just keep with it and all of a sudden you will start to loose again.
    Good Luck
  • hi, im new here too ... i did weight watchers points and lost about 50 lbs in 2 months it was incredible! unfourtunatley i came off the plan and i gained it all back and some but if you stick to the plan its awsome!! i didnt like the core plan as much the weight took to long to come off ..... mybe you should try the Points system!
  • HI
    Welcome to the site! You will definitely find a lot of support and motivation here! Don't get too frustrated with your weight loss slowing down. The closer you get to goal the slower it comes off. Just stick with it and remain realistic, it will eventually come off!