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Default Wednesday Planning September 19

Sorry to highjack starting the tread Jana but I know I'm not going to have time to post tomorrow morning so I want to do it now to force me to be good

You all know the drill post what you are planning (or what you ate) for today.

As for me:
B: Dannon Activita Yorgut, Plum
L: Grabbing something from the deli next to my school since I planned a light dinner and have a busy morning.
S: Goldfish crackers
D: Stuffed Pepper - stuffed with blackbeans, brown rice, salsa, and topped with ff cheese; Salad with viginer
S: ???
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Mornin' Ladies!

1: kashi go-lean crunch w/frozen blueberries
2: pear, almonds
3: hummus & tomato sandwich, carrots
4: soy protein shake
5: 1/2 sweet potato, broccoli, tempeh
6: 1/2 sweet potato, broccoli, tempeh

Total: 1485 calories, 24P/54C/22F
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good morning everyone!
todays plan is:

B-2 slices WW bread w/ light cheese whiz and a plum
S-string cheese
L-a big caesar salad and 4 lean meatballs
S-a package of low calorie oatmeal
D-tomato sandwiches made with ww bread and low fat miracle whip, a cucumber cut up
S-hmmmm not too sure, i will be at work so something easy to take along, maybe a yogurt and an apple
Water- 3L

Hope everyone has a great day!!
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Eek... I overslept and didn't have time to grab a good breakfast!

B: apple and nature's valley trail mix bar
L: Campbell's Chicken Tortilla Soup and a few baked tortilla chips
D: Probably homemade minestrone soup
S: not sure....maybe some air popped popcorn
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no problem REMEMBER!

i'm starting a all veggies and fruit detox today...relax ladies it's just to clean me out...i have not done one in about 5mths...

s-1cp cantaloupe
l-banana, 1cp celery, lite ranch dressing
d-1 whole tomato, banana, 1cp grapes
s- not sure...going to the grocery store between jobs
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B: Kix and OJ (200 cal)
S: Yo Crunch Yogurt (200 cal)
L: Whole Wheat Ritz, Pudding, Granola bar (290 cal)
S: String Cheese and Granola (180 cal)
D: Shrimp Pad Thai (400 cal)
S: Maybe a cupcake (200 cal)
Total: 1470

And tons and tons of water.
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My Plan for today is ...
Fat Smash - Phase 2

B: was skipped on accident
L: Salad w/kidney beans, tuna, ff french
D: Baked chicken breast, mustard greens
S: Granola Bars (2), Apple (2), Grapefruit, 1 cup Yogurt

I hope to walk 2 Miles & Up 100 steps
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B- 1 egg with the xtra DHA (80 cals), nonfat latte with 1c. nf milk and a little nf vanilla creamer (110)
S- 1 cup carrots (40) and cup black tea
L- turkey sandwhich on 2 slices light bread (40 cals*2=80 cals), 1 ounce sharp chedder (110 cals), mustard (10), 3 slices turkey lunch meat (30*3=90 cals)
*added a diet coke and a side salad with baby spinach (20), cottage cheese .5 cup (150), watermelon .75 c (30), cucumber 4 slices (10) and a little balsamic dressing (50 cals)
s- i dont think ill need one - full!!
D- small slice of a medium pepperoni pizza and a small amoutn of mike and Ikes (yikes!) pizza was 250 cals according to fitday and candy was about 100 calls)
s- 1 ounce cheese (110)

day total 1250 ish

anyone know if im right at guessing the cottage cheese cals? it was a salad bar so i assume it was full fat?


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So far today for me:
B: Cereal with yogurt and rice milk 370
S: Apricot, coffee with non-dairy creamer, fruit bar 240
L: Spelt bread with peanut butter and honey, slice of cheese 365

That puts me at 975, so I've got another 825-1025 to split up over two snacks and supper. This is my first day tracking calories so we'll see how I feel!
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